The Greatest Ukulele Players of All Time

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The ukulele is a popular stringed instrument that provides a higher-pitched, smoother sound than the guitar. In fact, many famous guitarists, violinists, and cellists also play the ukulele. Many rock bands, country singers, indie groups, and even orchestras use ukuleles in their music, but who are the greatest ukulele players of all time?

The ukulele has its roots in traditional Hawaiian culture and music and mastering it is a coveted skill for any musician. There are a number of famous actors and singers who have mastered the ukulele because it accompanies any voice, any style of music and many other instruments perfectly.

This list features the greatest ukulele players in history - artists who are both living and dead and come from many different genres of music.

The all time greatest ukulele players on this list have been ranked by the community's votes and include Taylor Swift, George Harrison, and Pete Townshend. Vote up the best ukulele players below or add the musician you think is best on the ukulele if he or she isn't already on the list.
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