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The Greatest Unseen Television Characters

My favorite examples of characters you hear about in TV shows but never get a chance to see/hear. (In some cases, there are rare glimpses of the character, obscured or from afar, but I feel like each pick stays true to the spirit of the list).  Also check out our list of the greatest tv characters of all time to see the best of those that you probably have seen.
  • Vera Peterson

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    Obviously, the standard-bearer of the cliche is Vera, Norm's long-suffering, never-actually-depicted wife. While working at Melville's, the seafood restaurant above Cheers, Vera was glimpsed briefly from the waist-down. On this occasion, she was played by Bernadette Birkett, actor George Wendt's real-life wife.
  • Diane

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    In "Twin Peaks," FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper constantly records memos intended for an assistant/secretary named Diane, who is never seen. Over time, it becomes questionable whether or not these recordings are actually being transcribed by said secretary, or if they are instead intended as a concentration or problem-solving technique employed by Agent Cooper. Actor Kyle McLachlan later released a series of Cooper's monologues to Diane as "Diane: The Secret Tapes of Agent Dale Cooper," which went on to win a Grammy award.
  • Maris Crane

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    The producers of "Frasier" hesitated to return to the classic "Cheers" joke about an invisible main character, but ended up doing it anyway by giving Niles Crane an unseen wife, Maris. So many jokes were written at pale, delicate Maris' expense, it soon enough became impossible to even try to cast a real woman in the role. Later, when both "Frasier" stars Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce appeared on "The Simpsons" (as brothers Sideshow Bob and Cecil), they included a sly reference to Maris.
  • Bob Sacamano

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    One of THREE "Seinfeld" unseen characters to make the list, Bob Sacamano is a never-depicted friend of Cosmo Kramer with a lot of bad information, crazy stories and a horrible run of luck. Over the years, Bob suffered from both a failed hernia operation and a case of rabies. His father, Sacamano Sr., is even included at one point, and lives near Jerry's parents in Florida. Sacamano was named for a friend of "Seinfeld" director Larry Charles.