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Robin, the Boy Wonder, was the first original sidekick in comic books. Robin first premiered in DC Comics in Detective Comics #38 way back in 1940. He was created for the younger reading audience to have someone to relate to, saying, "Hey, that could be me fighting alongside Batman!" Since then, the Robin mantle has been taken up by many young fighters, the first one being Dick Grayson. Even female Robins fought alongside the Dark Knight. There have been many different Batman versions and interpretations of the character, in all forms of media, but which are the best?

It's very rare to see Batman fight alone nowadays. What's Batman without Robin? Who would be there to yell out, "Holy [relevant pun], Batman!"? Robin is arguably the most famous sidekick in the history of comic books and has made his way in all sorts of media. These top versions of Robin are among the fan favorites.

We've decided to compile some of our favorite interpretations, renditions, and versions of Robin here. Do you like Dick Grayson as Robin, Tim Drake, or maybe your favorite is Damian Wayne? Do you enjoy seeing him in animation form on Batman: The Animated Series or do you prefer him in running his own team on Teen Titans? Though, Batman and Robin is probably one of the worst comic book movies in history, how does Chris O'Donnell's Robin compare with the other Robins found on film? 
Here's your chance to see where it all lines up. What are the greatest interpretations of Robin ever? Make sure to vote up all your favorites on this list of the most rockin' Robins and vote down the versions of Robin that were just awful.

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