The Greatest Violinists of All Time

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The absolute best violin players of all time. Vote up the best musicians who played the violin.
If you’re a music enthusiast you’re probably a huge fan of classical music and you most likely realize the affect that classical music has had on all genres of music, including today’s modern styles. Famous composers and musicians shaped the way we play music, the way we enjoy it and the way music is performed to this day. The violin is one of the most important and well known instruments in classical music. Who are the greatest violinists of all time?
It’s truly remarkable to think about how a composer would be able to beautifully and masterfully bring a cello, violin, piano, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, saxophone, and tuba together to produce a sound that could fill an entire room with music! Violin has and will continue to be a key instrument within a symphony; played by itself it can bring tears to the eyes!
This list features the absolute greatest violinists in history, ranked by music lovers from best to worst. Vote up the greatest violinists below to see where the musicians you think are the greatest when it comes to violin rank!