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If you don't recognize the names on this list, don't worry. You're just old, and you don't know what the kids are into these days. Here's a hint: it's vloggers. What's a vlogger? Well, anyone with a YouTube channel. Many are normal, charismatic kids, young adults, and event real grown ups who have made entire careers out of projecting cleverness into their web cams and posting it on Youtube. From the best beauty vloggers and top fashion vloggers, to YouTube stars dedicated to just telling their story, these are the best YouTube vloggers online, as voted on you you, the viewers!

Who is the best vlogger? The top vloggers on YouTube are a range of ages, genders, topics, interests, and sexual orientations. They are inspiring, interesting, and, above all, entertaining.

Rank your favorite YouTubers and vloggers below and add any good vloggers who aren't already listed.
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Logan Paul Vlogs is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Greatest Vloggers of All Time
1511152699303 added Logan Paul Vlogs

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Roman Atwood is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Greatest Vloggers of All Time
TAha1995 added Roman Atwood

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Good Mythical Morning - Rhett and Link are two adorable dudes who have a morning talk show. What else do you want?

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Son Goku added PewDiePie

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Iisuperwomanii is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The Greatest Vloggers of All Time
kevin8 added Iisuperwomanii

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Mumbiker Nikhil is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The Greatest Vloggers of All Time
Abhinandpp Karaparambu added Mumbiker Nikhil

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AmazingPhil - Watch Phil and his occasional guest Dan do challenges, make jokes, and play games.

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Shane Dawson - Shane is a YouTuber who frequently posts collaborations with other vloggers as well as personal videos about his life as an openly gay man.

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ThatcherJoeVlogs - ThatcherJoe is a YouTube game commentator and streamer who started a great second channel for vlogs, for those of us who can't get enough of the guy.

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-1450177437132 added Danisnotonfire Meme and full-time Internet homo.

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Jake Paul is listed (or ranked) 11 on the list The Greatest Vloggers of All Time
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Son Goku added PointlessBlogVlogs

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JennaMarblesVlog - Comedian and YouTube veteran Jenna Marbles answers all your questions about her daily life.

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MehdiMahmoud added Mo vlogs

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Bratayley is listed (or ranked) 15 on the list The Greatest Vloggers of All Time
ImBretter added Bratayley

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BFvsGF - Adorable couple proves that love is still alive - by pranking each other horribly.

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vlogbrothers - Vlogbrothers post fascinatingly nerdy explanation videos that answer life's hardest questions, such as "why is the alphabet alphabetized?"

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ConnorFranta - Connor Franta is one of the most popular LGBT YouTubers. He's also one of the most adorable.

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Grace Helbig - Grace Helbig posts updates on her life, collabs, and video of her podcast, Not Too Deep.

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boogie2988 - You may know boogie through one of his characters: " The raging and lisping 'Francis,' or the southern redneck 'Jessy." Or maybe you're familiar with his gaming videos. Dude is hilars.

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Smosh 2nd Channel - The Smosh dudes have an endless supply of content for you with their second channel.

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PsychoSoprano - PsychoSoprano's Colleen posts regular vlogs, funny videos, and also happens to be a very talented singer.

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SHAYTARDS - The members of family Shay document their relationships through marriage and starting a family.

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sWooZie - SWooZie's hilarious vlogs and anecdotes are often paired with awesome animations.

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iJustine - If you don't know iJustine, you've basically been living under a rock.

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Son Goku added DOSEofFOUSEY

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blndsundoll4mj - Trisha Paytas is a bubbly blonde who wants to share her world with you, and you'll love it if you're into fashion and beauty.

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PointlessBlogTv - PointlessBlogTv might be self deprecating (or just honest), but the videos you'll find on it are hilarious and cute.

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Kingsley - This hilarious diva is a god amongst YouTubers, with his catty commentary on daily life.

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sawyerhartman - Sawyer Hartman is not only a dedicated vlogger, but aspires to make legitimate films. On his channel, you get the best of both worlds.

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Ze Frank is listed (or ranked) 31 on the list The Greatest Vloggers of All Time
mbrach98 added Ze Frank

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MoreMarcus - You'll never need 'moremarcus' with this adorable YouTuber's personal vlogs, seasoned with lots of health and diet tips.

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charlieissocoollike - Charlie is so cool like... his accent, his jokes, pizza, no homework.

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Jc Caylen - Take a peep into the world of Jc Caylen and his friends - good times and humor that you can kill hours watching.

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Son Goku added AngryJoeShow

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MatthewGill added Supercars of London

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Sean Davies added Kosdff Vlogs Kosdff has a gaming channel, a daily vlog channel, and runs a COD team. His videos concist of him and his roomates doing random stuff (its very entertaining).

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-1450177437132 added Twaimz

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Kalel Kitten - Kalel Kitten is all about  designing, cats, books, and is a "big dreamer." And we love her for it!

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Tom Islava added Secular Talk

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lohanthony - The genius behind, "Calling all the basic bitches, Calling all the basic bitches, Calling all the basic bitches, Calling all the basic basic."

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BibisBeautyPalace - If you're a German gal (or guy!) with a passion for beauty, BibisBeautyPalace is the place for you.

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SyndicateCentral - Syndicate is best known for his gaming channel, but his vlogs are excellent and exciting.

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HikakinTV - One of the most popular Japanese youtube channels on the Internet,  HikakinTV posts a lot of junk food reviews and game commentaries.

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looksharp added Amy Walker

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MatthewGill added Seb Delanney

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MatthewGill added Seen Through Glass

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luisitorey - If se habla Espanol, check out this popular YouTuber's page,

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HolaSoyGerman2 - Another Spanish speaking vlogger with tremendous popularity, particularly with his gaming vlogs.

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MatthewGill added Shmee150