The Greatest Wolverine Costumes of All Time

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Since his start in The Incredible Hulk #180 comic book, Wolverine, one of the most popular Marvel Comics characters, has never been known as the most fashionable guy. Over the past forty years, having joined both the X-Men and Avengers, his many costumes have ranged from actual whiskers being on his mask, to a torn-to-shreds costume matching his feral look. What are the best Wolverine costumes in Wolverine costume history?

Gil Kane illustrated the cover to Giant-Size X-Men #1, and accidentally added the bigger ears to his mask and left out the whiskers. Everyone else seemed to go with it. Who knows what Wolverine's popularity would've been like if it weren't for ol' Gil. Heck, it wasn't decades later until Wolverine lost the underwear on the outside of his costume. 

This is your chance to vote for the best Wolverine costume. Do you prefer black leather, or yellow spandex? 

What are your favorite Wolverine suits?
Photo: Marvel Comics

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    Classic Wolverine

    The costume more people are familiar with. He actually went outside in this thing. (Giant-Size X-Men #1)
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    Brown and Tan Wolverine

    Brown and tan...why the hell not?!? (Uncanny X-Men #139)
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    X-Force Wolverine

    Wolverine lead an X-Force team. Pretty stealthy. (X-Force Vol. 3 #1)
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    Astonishing Wolverine

    The spandex returns!  The underwear does not. (Astonishing X-Men Vol. #1 2004)
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    Old Man Logan Wolverine

    After being tricked into killing his fellow X-Men, he retired and swore never to pop his claws again while wearing this long leather duster. 
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    Unified Wolverine

    For a short time, you saw this same costume in the comics (both Ultimate, and 616), video games, and the "X-Men: Evolution" cartoon.
    807 votes