The Greatest Zombie Slayers in Movies

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Any film character who killed a zombie on purpose

This is a list of the greatest zombie slayers of all time. In movies, the best zombie killers have been depicted in all varieties--from test subjects like in Resident Evil, and girl-next-door types like in Zombieland, to renegade bikers in Dawn of the Dead, and workaholics like in Shaun of the Dead. Each has proven their worth by annihilating countless zombies from the endless horde of multiplying undead with their own particular method. Some use guns attached to their legs like in Planet Terror, and some have animal companions to help them survive like in I am Legend. Other zombie aficionados use three barrel-shotguns or samurai swords.

 As proven in the cinemas, nearly anyone can slay one or two of the undead, but what defines a truly great zombie killer? Are they judged by how many zombies beheaded? Is it by how long they endure the zombie apocalypse? Is it what type of survival equipment and end of the world weapons they use? Or is it not in the amount of undead they destroy, but in the way in which these bad-ass zombie slayers endure? Our post-apocalyptic heroes are here for the voting--let them rise, or let them fall!
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