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This Golden Retriever Just Gave Birth To An Incredibly Rare Green Puppy

Updated May 15, 2020 32.7k views3 items

Dogs come in many colors, but they usually stick to a pretty standard palette. So imagine owner Louise Sutherland's surprise when her golden retriever popped out a little surprise: a green puppy. Little Forest, born among eight other golden retriever pups, sports a lime-green hue more akin to a frog or Shrek than a canine. Most certainly a rarity, Forest's condition feels even more shocking once you realize most mammals don't come in green. Reptile, bird, amphibian, and insect species all look great in green, but mammals, not so much. Though a rare animal coloration, it appears to suit Forest well, who is also reportedly in good health. 

Sutherland told The Sun that though she plans to place Forest's siblings up for adoption, the green-hued hound will get to stay. While they say nothing gold can stay, science has once again returned to laugh in literature's presumptuous face. 

  • It Happens Due To A Pigment In The Placenta

    No, the little pup is not Beast Boy. According to veterinarians, who surprisingly enough are familiar with this phenomenon, Forest's color likely comes from exposure to a green bile in the mother's placenta called biliverdin. While it may explain Forest coming out looking like Elphaba, it gives no answer as to why his siblings came out as Glinda's.  

    • Other Green Dogs Exist

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      While certainly rare, Forest remains not the first reported green puppy. One of the earliest reports of such a rarity came from Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2010. Then in 2012, a golden Labrador named Hulk arrived as part of a litter of eight, also to a family in the UK. Two years later, a Spanish breeder's hunting dog gave girth to not one but two green pups. Apparently, humans aren't the only species with a desire to "go green."

      • Forest Likely Won't Stay Green

        As remarkable as this condition may be, it probably won't last. The other reported green canines from years past all eventually lost their lime-hue after only a few weeks. If you think about it, this may be the best thing for young Forest, who faces more pressing concerns like opening his eyes and learning to "sit" instead of wondering why mom and siblings have got the gold. But if he ever misses his green side, all he needs is a freshly cut lawn.