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The first Green Lantern has been around since 1940. Outside of comics, we saw him in cartoons and video games, but it wasn't until 2011 (over 70 years later!) that DC/Warner Bros. took a chance on him on the big screen starring Ryan Reynolds. Though, the movie itself was met with mixed (mainly negative) reviews, DC/Warner Bros. decided to revamp their DC Cinematic Universe and start from scratch with 2013's Man of Steel

With DC's next chapter, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (League!), well on its way in 2016, it's time to start thinking who can take over the Hal Jordan the Green Lantern mantle. Should Ryan Reynolds play Green Lantern in the planned Justice League film? Some think Ryan Reynolds should stick around and the Green Lantern film should stay in the movie continuity.  

Who would make the best Green Lantern? Listed are actors we think would do a pretty good job playing Hal Jordan in a rebooted movie and be an essential part of the Justice League movie franchise. But we want to hear from you! Make sure to vote up which actor should play Green Lantern on the big screen. 
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Jensen Ackles

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The TV actor everybody wants to play a superhero on film is probably most adept at playing Hal Jordan. His look, attitude, and type lend itself perfectly to the brash, yet noble fighter pilot. see more on Jensen Ackles
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Bradley Cooper

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Another of the final four up for the role the last go around, the only franchise Bradley Cooper is attached to superhero wise is as the voice of a talking squirrel. He'd make an even better Hal Jordan. see more on Bradley Cooper
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Nathan Fillion

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As far as looking the part goes, no one looks as much like Hal Jordan as Nathan Fillion does; in fact, no one looks as much like any specific superhero as Nathan Fillion looks like Hal Jordan. Throw in his innate charm and rabid fan base and cast away. see more on Nathan Fillion
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Josh Duhamel

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This guy needs a franchise already – he steals the show in almost everything he's in and hasn't really shown up in a big ol' summer blockbuster since the first Transformers. He'd make a great addition to the DC lineup. see more on Josh Duhamel