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Greg Giraldo Roast Moments: The Complete Collection

Updated 14 Jun 2019 60.3k views10 items

Greg Giraldo was one of the funniest men working in comedy. He's best known for being arguably the funniest person at every Comedy Central and NY Friar's Club Roast (as well as one of the only attending Hispanics.) He died September 29, 2010, of an accidental prescription drug overdose. There was never an actual Greg Giraldo Roast, but he was the defining personality at the Comedy Central Roasts, reminding us that insult comedy can be an art form.

Think of this list as a presentation of the best Greg Giraldo quotes from all the Roasts when he stole the show, whether he was gleefully insulting Joan Rivers, William Shatner, or Chevy Chase. When Giraldo roasted celebrities, he did so with a golden touch and a smirk that made it clear the roasting was all in good fun, even when it left roastees crispy.

In honor of his memory, here are all of his Roast moments. Each one is a gem and all of his bits belong on a list of the greats. May he rest in peace.