All Of Greg Kinnear's Movies And TV Shows, Ranked

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Over 200 passionate fans have united to curate a list of the most exceptional Greg Kinnear movies and shows out there. It's no secret that Kinnear has left an indelible mark on Hollywood, thanks to his delightful performance as an artist in As Good as It Gets and his poignant portrayal of an out-of-touch father in Little Miss Sunshine.

Ranking these films and shows from best to worst was no easy feat for our discerning voters. However, after many fervent discussions and careful deliberation, we're proud to present you with the definitive list that perfectly encapsulates why Kinnear is such an adored actor.

This list is guaranteed to provide endless cinematic inspiration, whether you're already an ardent fan or just looking for some new movie or show recommendations. With romantic comedies like You've Got Mail and dramas like The Matador, this curated collection truly has something for every taste.

So go ahead and take a look at where your favorite Greg Kinnear movies and shows landed on our list. And if you don't agree with our rankings, don't hesitate to vote up your own favorites - because ultimately, cinema is all about celebrating what makes it such a fascinating art form.

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