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Azula's Voice Actor Is Strikingly Similar To Azula In Real Life

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Grey DeLisle-Griffin is responsible for bringing to life one of the most complex, domineering, cunning villains on television history. And it's a character on a children's show to boot. We need to talk about what she did to bring the character to life, so we gathered some of the most interesting quotes about Grey DeLisle and her thoughts on Azula from various fan Q&A's. Read more below!

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    Grey DeLisle-Griffin Is The Voice Of Many Popular Cartoon Characters. 

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    She's Provided The Voices For Several Characters In 'Avatar: The Last Airbender.' Arguably, Her Most Prominent Role In The Series Is None Other Than Princess Azula. 

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    Her Domineering Attitude And Incredibly Complex Character Make Azula A Huge Fandom Favorite.

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    This Underrated Reddit AMA Reveals That She'll Put Her 'Azula' Voice On For Fans.