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Azula's Voice Actor Is Strikingly Similar To Azula In Real Life

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Grey DeLisle-Griffin is responsible for bringing to life one of the most complex, domineering, cunning villains on television history. And it's a character on a children's show to boot. We need to talk about what she did to bring the character to life, so we gathered some of the most interesting quotes about Grey DeLisle and her thoughts on Azula from various fan Q&A's. Read more below!

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    In The AMA, She Also Addresses How She Got The Role Of Azula, Which Is Mainly Thanks To Her Standout Performance And Unique Interpretation Of The Role.

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    Grey DeLisle Will Still Bring Out Her Inner Azula Around Zuko's Voice Actor, Dante Basco. 

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    She'll Even Refer To Them As Siblings Sometimes, Which Is Absolutely Adorable.

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    DeLisle Also Shared A Story Of Watching 'Avatar' With Him On A Livestream.

     When asked about Dante, she stated

    I was at [Dante's] house the other time...he was watching [the series, and] had never seen the show either! So, it was funny 'cause he was like, 'We gotta have you come over for the episode when Azula first makes her appearance.' So he was filming himself watching it and...I was sitting just out of frame of the camera. So when Azula gets taken in on the rickshaw, I was just like, 'Whatever, b*tches!'