Unspeakable Crimes These Grisly Mortuary And Funeral Home Crimes Are The Definition Of Disrespecting The Dead  

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At some point in every person's life, they eventually ponder their own demise and wonder what may happen to their earthly remains. Nothing throws a person into worry over their body's post-mortem fate more than horror stories about funeral home crimes. These atrocities, committed by those responsible for the care and presentation of a deceased loved one, are far too common. The shocking stories of creepiest crimes committed in funeral homes run the gamut of necrophiliac perverts or those who sell the body parts of the recently deceased. 

Funeral homes are supposed to be business run by dependable professionals. People we can count on to take care of loved ones (or our own dead body, someday) in a caring and respectful manner. A sense of humor is certainly warranted, but a sense of decorum for grieving people is a must. How then is it possible that we still hear about the worst crimes being committed inside funeral homes?

For many, you might be better off thinking that when you're dead, you're dead, but for the morbidly curious, here's a few of the craziest crimes committed by those modern shepherds of the underworld, funeral home workers.

Woman Mutilated A Corpse Before The Funeral Viewing

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In April 2015, Shaynna Lauren Sims gained entry to a funeral home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by pretending to be a makeup artist there to prepare the body of Tabatha Lynch for viewing. Obviously Sims wasn't there to do makeup. Turns out Lynch was Sims's so-called rival, believing her boyfriend to have been having an affair with the young woman. Sims's revenge was brutal and disgusting. She cut off Lynch's breasts and toes, pulled hair out of her head, and slashed her face.

Why she thought revenge on a dead woman was remotely necessary, who can fathom? She received a 16-year prison sentence for her crimes. 

Morgue Employee Necrophiliac Admits He Probably Slept With 100 Corpses

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In February 2009, former morgue worker Kenneth Douglas was serving a three-year prison sentence for corpse abuse when DNA linked him to the sexual abuse of at
least two additional bodies. 55-year-old Douglas worked for the Hamilton County morgue in Hamilton, Ohio from 1976-1992. Douglas was originally sentenced in 2008 for having sex with the body of a teenage murder victim in 1982. In a 2014 deposition, Douglas admitted that he may have had sex with "a hundred" corpses and that he was often drunk or high on crack while doing so. 

Funeral Home Closed After Maggots Found With Unrefrigerated Bodies

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Swanson's Funeral Home in Flint, Michigan was shut down in July of 2017 after corpses were discovered in a un-air-conditioned garage. Maggots covered the floor of the garage where the bodies were being stored, some for up to five months. Bloody and body-fluid covered coffin pillows were found in the hallway of the funeral home, as well. The licenses for the funeral home owners was (obviously) suspended.

Melted And Decaying Corpses Found In Abandoned Funeral Home

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In July 2014, eight bodies were discovered at the Johnson Family Mortuary in Fort Worth, Texas. Dondre Johnson ran the mortuary business but was evicted weeks before the bodies were found. The landlord went to the property to inspect the building and was met with a gruesome scene.

The bodies of six adults lay on gurneys in unrefrigerated rooms with bodily fluids dripping into buckets. One infant - who had been dead for two years - and one child were found in caskets and, because of the heat of the building and the underdeveloped nature of the bodies, they had melted where they lay. 

Identifying the bodies took much work and a few weren't able to be ID'd due to the deterioration of the corpses. Johnson and his wife had claimed they were cremating the bodies and then giving families fake ashes. They both were given jail time for theft.