The Grisliest Injuries In Action-Adventure Movies

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Collateral damage is part and parcel of the action-adventure genre, where movies generally contain great levels of big-time conflict. Still, there are certain injuries in action-adventure movies that have lasted long in memory for how grisly they are to witness by the viewer.

These range from the injuries coming about from combat sequences and freak accidents - all of these carry a big impact in the context of where the films' stories are headed, so it's worth taking a deeper look into which ones stand out the most.

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    Imhotep Gouges Out Burns’s Eyes In ‘The Mummy’

    Reason for the injury: To restore himself, Imhotep needs to assimilate the body parts of the Americans who stole the Canopic Jars containing his organs. Bernard Burns is one of the thieves and becomes Imhotep's target.

    The moment of the injury: Burns and his allies flee when they see the onset of the plague that comes from Imhotep's awakening, but he finds himself face to face with the Mummy. Imhotep proceeds to physically gouge out Burns's eyes, along with ripping out his tongue for his own use - this leaves Burns incapacitated and in extreme pain. 

    Recovery time: Burns's condition is irreversible. He attempts to find a bidder for the Canopic Jars to try for a medical solution for the ailment but is again intercepted by Imhotep. The Mummy finishes the job this time by assimilating Burns's flesh, which leaves his corpse as a shriveled husk.

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    A Man’s Heart Is Set On Fire As He Is Tortured by Mola Ram In ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’

    Reason for the injury: High Priest Mola Ram conducts the Thuggee ceremony where an unfortunate victim is selected to be sacrificed. The man is dragged to the altar where he is presented to Mola Ram.

    The moment of the injury: Through his mysterious abilities, Mola Ram is able to reach into the victim's chest with his bare hand and rip the man's heart out. Somehow, the victim still remains alive as he is lowered into molten lava that sets him ablaze - the magical effect causes the man's heart in Mola Ram's hand to also catch fire.

    Recovery time: The victim perishes as a result of his burning. When the platform he was strapped on is lifted back up, the man's body has been burnt into nothing.

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    The Diggers' Flesh Is Melted Off By A Fog Of Acid In ‘The Mummy’

    Reason for the injury: The American excavators raiding Imhotep's tomb find a compartment below the statue base they want to pry open. Egyptologist Professor Chamberlain dissuades the Americans from doing so themselves and orders the diggers they've hired to force the compartment open.

    The moment of the injury: The diggers fall for the trap that was rigged by the Egyptians who had prepared the tomb - pressurized acid bursts through the compartment when it's opened, which drenches the diggers and causes them to be burned by the acid's effects.

    Recovery time: The diggers perish from the extremity of the injuries since their skins are singed off and the acid reaches their organs. They are left to their fate by the Americans in the tomb.

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    The Henchman Indy Fights Goes Face-First Into A Plane Propeller In ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

    Reason for the injury: Indiana Jones attempts to commandeer the Flying Wing to make off with the Ark that is in possession of the Germans. Jones's tussle with one of the mechanics alerts a larger, brutish one, who challenges Jones to a fight.

    The moment of the injury: The brute completely outmatches Jones due to his superior size and strength but remains unaware of Marian Ravenwood's control of the Flying Wing, which steers in his direction. Jones is able to duck at the right time to avoid the plane's propellers, which the brute realizes all too late is inches away from him.

    Recovery time: The plane propeller slays the brutish mechanic. The man doesn't react fast enough and the rotating propellers tear him to shreds, with his blood splattered all over the plane.

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    Gutless Is Put In A 'Boo Box' Full Of Scorpions In ‘Hook’

    Reason for the injury: Captain Hook becomes aware that one of the men in his crew doesn't believe he can beat Peter Pan. He comes to the conclusion that Gutless is the guilty party, who relents and admits he was the one. Hook decides to make an example of him to show his crew what happens to doubters.

    The moment of the injury: Hook orders Gutless to be sealed into a crate that has multiple scorpions thrown in. Gutless is left screaming in pain in a confined environment with bloodthirsty scorpions seemingly feeding on him.

    Recovery time: Gutless is never seen again, which implies that he suffers a slow, agonizing demise where he's devoured by the scorpions. The boo box isn't opened again, leaving no doubt that Gutless does ultimately pass away one way or another.

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    Westley Has The Life Slowly Sucked Out Of Him In ‘The Princess Bride’

    Reason for the injury: Westley is captured by Prince Humperdinck when he tries to rescue his lover, Buttercup. Humperdinck intends to break Westley's spirit before slaying him - he straps the hero to a mechanism designed to suck his life force out.

    The moment of the injury: Westley is fitted with multiple plugs on his body that start sucking on each place he's strapped to, which is powered by a miniature watermill. He's left with no strength at all, even after his friends rescue him.

    Recovery time: It's unclear how long Westley suffers from the effects since the story wraps up soon after. But he's unable to move of his own volition when he confronts Humperdinck to rescue Buttercup, which implies it took a significant time for Westley to fully recover.