The Grisliest Moments In Quentin Tarantino Movies

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Quentin Tarantino is known for films that are both extremely violent and incredibly satisfying. Films like Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown are essentially salacious crime tales, but he punctuates important moments with legit blood and guts. However, he really lets his hair down in the Kill Bill series and in his later work like Django Unchained.

Regardless of the era, every Tarantino film has at least one truly perfect moment of high-velocity violence that's certain to make the audience break out in applause. Many of the following moments are some of the best-known scenes in modern film history, but there are a few grisly shots here that need to be seen for a second (or third) time. Which scene really changed the game for cinematic violence? 

Photo: Kill Bill Vol. 2/Miramax

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    The Candyland Fight In ‘Django Unchained’

    Is Django Unchained Tarantino's most violent film? It's definitely up there. The film follows Django Freeman and his partner Dr. King Schultz as they work as bounty hunters while tracking down Django's wife, Broomhilda. The duo find her at "Candyland," a plantation owned by Calvin J. Candie. The two attempt to purchase Broomhilda through underhanded means, but when their plan goes belly up, there's nothing to do but shoot the place up.

    The ultra violence begins when Schultz puts a bullet through Candie's chest, and Candie's bodyguard kills Schultz. Rather than surrender, Django tears through the mansion, where he uses racist cowboys as human shields and pops a cap in anyone who so much as pokes their head into his line of sight.
    The squib budget alone for this scene must have been astronomical, but it's worth it.

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    The Bride Slams Buck's Head Into The Door Until He Dies In ‘Kill Bill: Vol. 1’

    The Bride Slams Buck's Head Into The Door Until He Dies In ‘Kill Bill: Vol. 1’
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    The Kill Bill films are full of some of Tarantino's most cartoonish work, but that doesn't make the violence any less grisly. When Beatrix Kiddo wakes from her coma to discover that not only has her baby been delivered and stolen from her, but an orderly named Buck has also been renting her body out to pervs, creeps, and all assortment of weirdos, she uses her training to take him down.

    Of course, Kiddo doesn't have feeling in her legs, so she has to use pure upper-body strength to subdue Buck and smash his head in with her hospital room door until there's nothing left but a red grease spot on the tile. Kiddo celebrates her win by stealing Buck's vehicle and setting off to get some revenge.

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    When Marvin Is Shot In The Face In 'Pulp Fiction'

    When Marvin Is Shot In The Face In 'Pulp Fiction'
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    Tarantino is at his peak when he mixes the comic with the grotesque, and this moment from Pulp Fiction is the best of the best. After hitmen Vincent and Jules snag the stolen briefcase of their boss Marsellus Wallace from a group of West Coast slackers, they also manage to rescue their buddy Marvin - another employee of Wallace. 

    As the trio drives away from their caper, they discuss trivialities including the names of American fast food in France. Vincent keeps his gun in his hand, and while turning to chat with Marvin, he accidentally pulls the trigger when their car hits a bump. Marvin's head is turned inside out, leaving Vincent and Marvin to hide the car at a friend's before calling “The Wolf” to quite literally clean up their mess.

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    Mr. Blonde Tortures The Cop With A Razor In ‘Reservoir Dogs’

    Mr. Blonde Tortures The Cop With A Razor In ‘Reservoir Dogs’
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    After a jewel heist gone wrong, a group of disparate criminals make their way back to their hideout to decompress and figure out what went wrong. Mr. Blonde, the group's resident psychopath, brings a cop back to the hideout in the trunk of his car and proceeds to torture him partly for fun and partly to find out who sold out his gang to the fuzz.

    While listening to “Stuck in the Middle with You,” by Stealers Wheel, Blonde ties the officer to a chair, slices his ear off with a straight razor, and pours gasoline all over him. Before Blonde can light the officer on fire, Mr. Orange pumps Blonde full of lead to save a fellow officer. The officer doesn't have a chance to make a full recovery, as he's offed by Nice Guy Eddie a few minutes later.

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    The Fight With The Crazy 88 In ‘Kill Bill:" Vol 1’

    The Fight With The Crazy 88 In ‘Kill Bill:" Vol 1’
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    There are so many hyper-violent moments in Kiddo's fight with the Crazy 88 that it's hard to cherry pick just one part of the fight. Is it the moment where Go Go catches a swinging mace to the head? How about when a gang member has his arms cut off and he sprays blood everywhere like a double-nozzled gore fountain? Or maybe it's when she straight-up cuts a guy in half and he explodes in a big ol' splash of blood.

    Those are all great, but let's highlight the moment that begins the sequence. Kiddo secretly makes her way to the House of Blue Leaves and grabs O-Ren's right-hand woman and translator, Sofie Fatale, before slicing off her arm and leaving her to flail around the floor spraying an almost comical amount of blood as O-Ren, the Crazy 88, and regular club-goers watch on as Fatale writhes in pain. This whole scene rocks, so you really can't go wrong picking a grisly moment here.

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    The Bride Plucks Out Elle’s Eye And Squishes It On The Floor In ‘Kill Bill: Vol. 2’

    The Bride Plucks Out Elle’s Eye And Squishes It On The Floor In ‘Kill Bill: Vol. 2’
    Photo: Miramax

    When Beatrix Kiddo and Elle Driver face off in Kill Bill: Vol. 2 it's a long time coming. Not only did Driver play a part in putting Kiddo in a coma and killing her fiance, but she also stole Kiddo's child and brought her to Kiddo's nemesis, Bill. On top of all that, Driver also killed the martial arts master who taught Kiddo everything she knows. So there's no love lost here.

    Kiddo and Driver absolutely demolish the double-wide trailer that serves as their battleground, but Kiddo gets the drop on her enemy when they face off with katanas. As the two battle-worn women stand face to face with their swords pushing against one another, Kiddo simply plucks out Driver's eyeball and squishes it beneath her bare foot. It's capital-G gross, but oh so satisfying.

    Driver survives the ordeal, but with no eyes and a black mamba snake loose in the trailer, there's no clear way for this former assassin to survive the showdown. 

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