15 People Share Their Worst Groomzilla Horror Stories So You Don't Become One

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Wedding-goers: vote up the groomzilla stories you wouldn't want to repeat.

When it comes to weddings there are way more characters to deal with than just a bridezilla or a momzilla. These Redditors are sharing their groomzilla stories everyone should take note of. Especially if you want to know how to avoid being called a groomzilla. Take these stories to heart and try to avoid repeating them on the big day.

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    He Demanded That The Wedding Theme Be 'MERICA'

    From Redditor u/intentevolar:

    My cousin’s husband was a groomzilla. He insisted the wedding take place near his hometown, and that it takes place on the fourth of July so his groomsmen could all wear American flag ties and socks and the theme could be ‘MERICA.

    There was a large cardboard sign at the reception with his face on it as an adult compared to him as a baby. There wasn’t one of the bride.

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    He Refused To Get In The Limo Because It Wasn't A Cadillac

    From Redditor u/mrsheikh:

    Heard about a wedding where the Groom flipped out because the rented limo that showed up was a Lincoln and not a Cadillac. Refused to get in the limo and ended up being drove to his wedding in a friends pickup truck.

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    He Smashed The Cake All Over The Bride's Face

    From Redditor u/arbitrary_rhino5:

    I went to my stepson's wedding last week. During the traditional cake cutting, they each feed each other a small piece. Everyone in the history of weddings knows that the bride may have a little leeway with the smashing of the cake in the groom's face but that it's a big no-no to make a mess of the bride. The groom is supposed to do it gently. Well, the bride does hers rather nicely and he gets away rather unscathed. However, the groom thought it would be hilarious to smash the cake all over her face. And he did. It got everywhere, including in her eye. She got upset, naturally, and ran out of the room to clean up and probably cool down. All of the guests were horrified for her.

    Before he could follow her out, some of his groomsmen caught him and smashed a huge piece of cake all over his face. They both came back after a few minutes, cleaned up and relatively smiling. I can only imagine that she let him have it while they were alone. Seeing the cake all over his face probably made the whole thing much more bearable for her. She's either really laid back and forgiving or one hell of an actress. The rest of the night well, she handled it like a champ!

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    He Wanted A Very Specific Camo Print On His And His Groomsmen's Satin Vests

    From Redditor u/P_Grammicus:

    I have slight acquaintances who are getting married this fall. Groom wants the bridal party to wear camouflage pattern vests, but they can't get the right kind of camo (Carolinian forest available, boreal forest currently not, or maybe it's the other way around), and this is a giant problem. Vests are going to be satin or some other dress material, they are completely non-functional other than for dress up.

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    He Threw A Fit Because He Couldn't Land At The Alter In A Helicopter

    From Redditor u/50andOvercast:

    I'm currently the date of a groomsman for a wedding in the fall and the groom (I kid you not) is throwing a fit because he wants to (wait for it) land at the alter IN A HELICOPTER. Needless to say, the bride is less than thrilled.

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    He Wanted To See Everything In Person And Approve It (But He Was In Another Country)

    From Redditor u/Lis_9:

    My sister's husband wanted to be involved in every little detail of the wedding. I think that's great, but the problem is that he lives in another country.

    He didn't want to hire the florist until he could see his work directly, but he was arriving to our country one week before the wedding.

    Also, he wanted to see and approved what the flower girls were wearing.

    Finally, he got upset because my sister didn't want to pay extra so he could have a photo shoot while getting ready to go the wedding. He made his parents to take a few pictures and made sure those pictures were include in the photo album.