The Grossest Cover Stories of Young Female Stars Written by Older Men

Landing a magazine cover story is quite the coup for a young actress on the rise. An interview by a major women's magazine like Vogue or Vanity Fair establishes you as having "arrived." But as monumental as it is to grace those glossy pages, gross magazine cover stories are all too common. Modern magazine articles about women in Hollywood can be fawning, cringe-inducing, or out-and-out uncomfortable.

There are some great profiles of stars out there. But for every well-crafted profile of a young actress, there seem to be three weirdly patronizing, creepy profiles written by older men. Aside from the fact that an interview is an incredibly creepy place to hit on women, the leering, Lolita-esque tone of these articles marks them as bad journalism. Actresses objectified by journalists don't deserve that type of treatment when they're simply doing press tours for their careers - or ever, for that matter.

From Selena Gomez getting characterized as "doll-like" to Cara Delevigne's bisexuality being written off as a "phase," these Vogue cover stories and magazine profiles are just plain gross. Maybe it's time for editorial changes at these long-running publications.

Photo: Vogue