Graveyard Shift Exterminators Describe The Most Disgusting Things They’ve Found On The Job  

Rachel Souerbry
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Anyone who's seen the various TV shows featuring exterminators or hoarder clean-ups knows that most pest control workers deal with more than their fair share of horror. So, the ever-curious online community of Reddit asked exterminators about their nastiest experiences - a conversation sure to leave many readers dry-heaving at their computers.

The pest control workers of Reddit have encountered some horrifying scenes while on the job, and many of them aren't for the faint of heart. From rotting raccoons to piles of snakes, they've seen it all.

You May Never Eat Ground Beef Again

From Redditor /u/pestcontrolguy:

It was a small family owned Mexican restaurant that was very popular. They said that they had mice issues in their kitchen. They were right. I went in and saw the mice running around on the food, in the containers that kept the food, on the counters where the food was prepped, just everywhere.

I asked them if they had pest control before and they said no. This place mind you had been open for about 10 years. I asked how long they had had mice and they said since they opened but now it was too much for them to handle. The main reason they called was because the mice were eating all of their inventory and they couldn't afford to keep replacing it, especially the ground beef. I was confused by this because the ground beef should be in a freezer that is locked. They then told me that they leave the meat out overnight to thaw out. This is where it got interesting.

They brought me to where the meat was prepped and I was horrified there was a pile of about 150 pounds of ground beef with mice all over it. About 15 feet from the prep table there was a similar pile of meat on the ground but it was a red/gray color and looked as if it was either moldy or covered in mice crap.

The owner then told me the mice eat, shit, piss, and mate on the pile of meat on the table every day so what they do to make the meat "edible" is they just cut the top layer of meat off, throw it away and cook the rest. By cooking it they thought if any urine had soaked into the meat it would just be cooked out. Also they said they didn't know where the pile of meat on the floor came from but they served it with the rest of the ground beef.

The meat from the floor was regurgitated ground beef from the prep table. The mice had eaten so much that they would get sick and vomit onto the ground and try to eat it again. The mice had also been eating so much raw meat that their droppings were red and looked like small pieces of ground beef. So the chef would sweep it into the pile of vomit meat, take a slab of it, and begin to cook with it.

I was horrified. I told him that all of the meat needed to be thrown away and that they need to shut down for a few weeks to fix the issue. He laughed and said no thanks. He couldn't afford to do so and he thought that getting rid of the mice vomitsh*tpiss meat was a waste of good meat. When I walked out into the dining area I saw all of these customers eating this "food." I called the health department and they were shut down for about a month. Still up and running today. No bueno.

Don't Open The Attic Door

From Redditor /u/pestcontrolguy:

One customer had two raccoons die on her attic door. She said there was a bad odor coming from the attic but didn't want to go up and look. So I pulled the door down and they fell onto me. When the door opened they broke apart and they were filled with maggots. So now I have dead raccoon chunks and maggots all down my shirt. The homeowner screamed and apologized but she had no idea. I tried not to freak out but that creepy crawling feeling of maggots on your chest will make anyone cringe. That night ended with an 8 hour shower. It's a tough smell to forget.

Snakes... Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?

From Redditor /u/Trex252:

Pulled back insulation in a crawlspace to track termite damage. About 100 + baby/juvenile cotton mouths came out from where the dryer vent wasn't hooked up properly keeping them nice and warm and moist in the insulation as fall approached. I'm only a termite exterminator. Got out that crawlspace quicker than lightning. To this day I'm sure the termites and snakes are living under there happily ever after.

Hygiene Could Use Improvement

From Redditor /u/ArthroPunch:

I got called to check out a possible bedbug infestation at a homeless shelter. Turned out to be body lice or crabs. They were all over the walls and floor. Also, the man had left a pair of his underwear in the middle of the floor with multiple piles of white lice eggs left in the mound where his balls would be. Fun times.