Failed Fast Food Menu Items That Will Unsettle Your Stomach

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Sometimes new fast food menu items can be fun. Just think back to the days when Burger King started offering $2 Hershey's chocolate cream pies, or when Taco Bell came out with their explosive Volcano Taco! 

Alas, fast food is not always the graceful home of innovation. Some new menu items clearly demonstrate that when it comes to "new fast food," the boundaries may have already been reached, with some gross fast food items lasting only a week on the menu. Leafing through the fast food history books, one finds that for every stuffed crust pizza success, there is a cream cheese-and-meatball stuffed-crust failure. 

Sometimes these major chains didn't understand their audience, didn't get what was going on in the world, or just forgot what tastes good. Take a look at these fast food items that failed and see some of the weirdest creations fast food chains around the world have dished out over the years.