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Landfill Workers Discuss The Weirdest & Grossest Things They've Found At The Dump

Updated September 25, 2018 70.4k views14 items

Working in a landfill dump site isn't considered a glamorous job. Being surrounded by junk all day, with the smell and unappealing mess, would probably deter most people from dropping off a résumé. But the truth is that working at a landfill is the perfect job for anyone with an anthropological curiosity or a draw to mysterious and bizarre items. Disposal sites can contain truly bizarre, gross, and occasionally even horrifying things that people have thrown away - and those who work in landfills get firsthand access to some pretty incredible story fodder.

Websites such as Reddit have given workers the chance to discuss their personal landfill horror stories. Whether it's strange items people toss out with the rest of their trash or creepy things that arrive with other junk, these places can be filled with the unexpected. In some cases - think Breaking Bad - it's even possible for workers to become landfill crime scene witnesses, as police occasionally need to investigate the sinister things sanitation employees discover.

  • All The Adult Entertainment

    From Redditor /u/Jorgon123456:

    Former garbage man here. You'd be amazed how many people throw out large stashes of porn at a time. Other strange objects include dead animals, live animals, old family photos, and my personal favorite: unopened or forgotten gifts. Found a set of fine china plates while dumping a box of Styrofoam on my head.

  • Genuine Army Mortars

    From Redditor /u/drewyz:

    My uncle worked at a dump when I was 10 or 11. He once found a 60 mm mortar launcher in perfect working order. He cut off the tube and we replaced it with cardboard for my cousin's play army base. We kept hoping he would find an M60 machine gun.

  • A Mysteriously Undamaged Elephant

    From Redditor /u/Phantom_Scarecrow:

    ...a white ceramic elephant, about 10" tall. It was in the cover fill, the dirt that is pushed over the trash at the end of the day to keep it from blowing away and to hide it from scavengers. I was waiting to unload my truck, looked out the window and there it was.

    The remarkable thing was, this elephant had been put in the trash, thrown in the truck, had the compactor run on it who knows how many times, dumped out of the truck, and run over by a bulldozer multiple times, yet was completely undamaged. It was packed into the cover fill, so it wasn't just dropped there.

    Took him home, washed him off, and named him Lucky. I was going to donate him to Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum, but not long after my visit there, the museum had a big fire. Lucky might have been destroyed.

  • A Giant Battle Axe

    From Redditor /u/DestinPhetamine:

    A friend and I found a double-sided battle axe. It looked exactly what I would think a battle axe would look like. Unfortunately, management confiscated it because it was considered a weapon. Wish we got to keep it.