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Landfill Workers Discuss The Weirdest & Grossest Things They've Found At The Dump

Updated September 25, 2018 70.5k views14 items

Working in a landfill dump site isn't considered a glamorous job. Being surrounded by junk all day, with the smell and unappealing mess, would probably deter most people from dropping off a résumé. But the truth is that working at a landfill is the perfect job for anyone with an anthropological curiosity or a draw to mysterious and bizarre items. Disposal sites can contain truly bizarre, gross, and occasionally even horrifying things that people have thrown away - and those who work in landfills get firsthand access to some pretty incredible story fodder.

Websites such as Reddit have given workers the chance to discuss their personal landfill horror stories. Whether it's strange items people toss out with the rest of their trash or creepy things that arrive with other junk, these places can be filled with the unexpected. In some cases - think Breaking Bad - it's even possible for workers to become landfill crime scene witnesses, as police occasionally need to investigate the sinister things sanitation employees discover.

  • A Human Head

    From a former Redditor:

    ... Recently near where I live, landfill workers found a human head. Not a skull, but an actual head (the article was very clear about this). Couldn't imagine being the one to find that.

  • Reportedly, A Dead Body

    From Redditor /u/48Michael:

    We've had cops show up looking for a body. It was dumped in a dumpster that then went to our pit. Never found anything.

  • Soiled Toilet Paper

    From Redditor /u/Dawglawyer:

    Used toilet paper. All the time. Nothing worse than having a bag break and spew out mounds of used toilet paper like some type of unrighteous pinata. Honestly the most disgusting thing I ever saw though, was a co-worker who regularly ate/drank things we found in the trash.

  • Someone’s Dismembered Leg

    From Redditor /u/myfriendsaccount420:

    Back in the '80s we were hauling rag top semi-trailers full of NYC trash to a dump in Pennsylvania. When it was cold out, the top of the trailers would steam.

    The semi-trailers had a live floor on them so at the dump they would attach water to these floors and the floors would shift the trash back while I pulled the truck forward and that is how they found the leg in the back of my trailer. Yes, you read that right: a human leg fell out of my trailer.

    When that happens they close the landfill down, and the cops show up and I sat there with my truck and trailer for over 25 hours while they shuffled through the trailer looking for the rest of the person. Which they never found in my trailer.

    Worst winter time job ever.