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26 Disgusting-Looking Foods You Kind of Want to Try

January 3, 2017 4.2k votes 437 voters 21.7k views26 items

List RulesUpvote any of the food items on this list that you would willingly try (for free) out of curiosity.

Okay, most of us wouldn't eat this sh*t either. But pretend you are very, very hungry, and that this is all you have to eat. You're not starving, you're just feeling lazy and you don't want to go out for real food. And then you are faced with each of these food items or dishes. Some of them are just odd and unlikely combinations of food to put together onto one plate. Others are inventive ways to make junk food a little fancier. A few of them are gross-looking but good-tasting food combinations. And the rest are just kind of ghetto looking, but probably aren't all that bad in a bind. 

Vote up any of these really, really weird foods you would eat in a bind. Really try and taste them. Like taste them in your head. Half the reason to feel any curiosity about what these taste like is that you really can't imagine their taste. And if you're at all curious about their taste, there's really only one way to find out. Those are the ones you should vote up. Anyway, have fun diving into the depths of human need and invention with these relatively gross-looking foods that miiight be passable. 

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    Pizza Pasta (Not Sure Which One Counts More Here)

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    Just Some Corn Dogs with Some Cheese on 'Em

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    This Homemade Mocha Latte

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    A Proscuitto Lunchables Pizza

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