7 Animals That Look Way More Terrifying When They're Hairless

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Beware: Before venturing any further, the weird, hairless animals you're about to see can never be unseen. Here, you'll find a collection of some of the creepiest, funniest, and just all-around gross hairless animal pictures ever to find their way onto the Internet. Though not for the easily freaked out, if you've ever wondered what some of your favorite animals looked like without fur or feathers, you've come to the right place.

This is where you'll uncover the horrible truth about what kittens look like without their fur. You'll see animals that are so ugly they're almost cute, and others that are straight-up made of nightmares.

So if you're ready to see what lurks beneath you and the thin layer of hair that covers most animals, take a deep breath and get ready to see the ugly underside of nature.