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These Utterly Nasty Horror Films Are Sure To Make You Feel Queasy

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Do you feel the Halloween spirit year-round? Do you wish it was socially acceptable to wear fake blood to the office? Well, what better way to curb that craving than to watch some nasty horror movies? Not just typical nasty horror movies—some of the nastiest horror movies ever made.

You should be warned: this isn't your casual, tasteful blood-and-guts affair designed to entice newcomers. This is some hardcore horror fan sh*t right here. Honestly, some of these films would probably gross out Eli Roth.

As a genre, horror plays on primal fears. Things that go bump in the night, irrational fears come-true, even general catastrophes like powerful storms. Hell, even simple phobias like a fear of small spaces can be horrifying in the right hands. Here, however, we'll take a peek at the nastiest, goriest, most stomach-churning horror films ever conceived.

There will be at least one notable exception, which plays more into the psychological branch of horror than the other films. However, even that gem possesses a fair share of uncomfortable nastiness and a vomit-inducing torture scene at the end. It's going to be... what's the opposite of delightful? Delightless? Delightless.  

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