The Grossest Sounding English Words

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Feeling queasy? Vote for which English words gross you out the most!

Some words just really gross us out! They make us cringe and turn away. It's that nails-on-a-chalkboard kind of feeling. Maybe because they're the name of something we don't like, as is likely the case with "pus." Gross! Others just don't feel okay to say. Milky? Come on! I'm squirming right now! 

Word aversions are similar to phobias. We hear certain words and just have a visceral response to them, an annoyance or nauseous feeling. Luckily this happens in reverse, too! So words like love and beautiful, make us feel happy and all warm inside. But this list isn't about being fuzzy and cuddly - it's about being GROSSED OUT!    

Look this list over, but be prepared to feel disgusted, queasy, revolted, and repelled. Like a car accident you slowly drive by on the freeway or a slasher film you can't pull your eyes away from - this list will have you squeamish, abhorred and simply grossed out! Vote up the grossest, most disgusting sounding words below.
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    Buildup of skin and other crud found between the foreskin and penis.
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    10,373 votes


    A white/yellowish liquid formed on the site of a wound or infection. 
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    A liquid secreted by mucous membranes. 
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    The slow escape of a liquid or gas through small holes or porous material.
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    Sightly damp, wet, or humid.
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    A ladies special cottage cheese