The Grossest Things Actors Did For Movies

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Acting is a demanding profession. While it might look like it's all fun and games to pretend to be someone else on screen, many actors go to extremes for roles, doing disgusting things most of us wouldn't even consider.

This isn't always the actor's idea. In order to get the perfect shot, filmmakers may coerce their performers into doing things they'd rather not do. Sometimes, however, the actors are the ones pushing for authenticity in the movie. From eating live bugs to letting critters crawl on their face, to wading through garbage and worse, these are just a few examples of gross things actors did for movies.  

Whatever gross things actors do, their commitment to their craft certainly leads to memorable scenes. Take a look below at gross things actors actually did for movies, and vote up the decisions that were truly disgusting. 

  • In the film adaptation of comic book Spawn, John Leguizamo plays the Clown. While his entire character is a little disgusting, no scene is more disturbing than the one where Clown eats a pizza covered in maggots. To truly dedicate himself to the character, Leguizamo decided to eat real maggots on film instead of faking it. 

    He later confirmed his choice on Twitter, saying, "Yes I did eat maggots in #spawn but only swallowed a few! Ha ha!"

  • The original script for comedy-horror film Vampire's Kiss called on actor Nicolas Cage to suck on a raw egg. While discussing the movie, both Cage and the film's director, Robert Bierman, decided an egg wasn't good enough. Instead, Cage decided to eat a real cockroach. As Bierman explained:

    Cage said to me, "The thing I hate most in the world are cockroaches. They are my Room 101, so let me eat a cockroach." He wanted to eat the most frightening thing for him.

    I thought, "This is terrific!" I sent my prop people down into the boiler room. They brought me a box, divided up into little sections with tissue paper. The cockroaches were there lined up for me to cast. I think they’re actually called water bugs - they’re bigger than cockroaches.

    Despite his fear, when it came time to film the scene, Cage proceeded without complaint. The scene of him picking up the roach, lifting it to his mouth, and downing it after a few chews was all completely real. Not only that, but Cage did two takes, fully ingesting a cockroach each time. To keep himself from getting sick, Cage followed up each roach with a swig of 100-proof vodka, hoping to wash away any potential germs. 

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    Jerry O’Connell Put Live Cockroaches In His Mouth For ‘Joe’s Apartment’

    In Joe's Apartment, a young man named Joe moves to New York and struggles to find his place in the Big Apple. In fact, he can't even get an apartment. When an older adult woman expires right in front of him, however, the keys to her apartment fly through the air and land in Joe's hand. Taking advantage of the moment, Joe decides to move into her home. Unfortunately, when he steps inside, he's greeted by thousands of talking cockroaches. 

    While certain scenes in Joe's Apartment featured rubber cockroaches, puppets, or CGI, others used real cockroaches. One scene in particular shows Joe pouring a bowl of cereal. Unbeknownst to Joe, his first spoonful includes two cockroaches

    Apparently, the cockroaches in that scene were real. Actor Jerry O'Connell put the real roaches into his mouth for the shot, then took them out immediately before any harm could come to them. Although he kept the animals safe, we can only imagine how disgusting it must have been to put living cockroaches in his mouth. 

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    The Zombies In ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Ate Chocolate Syrup-Covered Pig Intestines To Simulate Body Parts

    Night of the Living Dead changed cinema when it was released, in large part due to the gore depicted on screen. At the time, films didn't often show such graphic material. 

    Scenes that showed zombies feasting on human body parts were created using animal intestines from meat shops, ham covered in chocolate syrup, and limbs from mannequins covered in Silly Putty. While most of these fake limbs were technically safe to consume, meat and intestines covered in chocolate syrup don't exactly sound appetizing. Unfortunately, the zombies had to dig into their disgusting feast with gusto to simulate the experience of eating a human being.