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The 14 Most Digusting Things Survivors Have Eaten on The Walking Dead  

Cynthia Griffith
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The dead aren’t the only ones who have to eat in a zombie apocalypse and brains certainly aren’t the only disgusting entrees on the menu. You might not have initially noticed all of the gross things the survivors ate on The Walking Dead in the beginning, but as food became scarcer, the desperation of the living became that much more apparent. As the series progresses, you can tell a whole lot about a survivor by what is (and sometimes isn’t) on their plate.

Here we see how the meal, the way it’s procured, the way it’s prepared and even the dish it's in makes a major statement in a survival situation. Some of these meals were even more symbolic than they first appeared; some of them were even more disgusting once revisited. In the Walking Dead universe, a plate can literally make, break, or take your humanity, yet even the least vicious characters have gulped down entrees that look like they were delivered straight from a Fear Factor competition.

Walking Dead food ranges from rodent to rabid to human. It’s sometimes even infested with who knows what kind of creatures. It’s often eaten raw. Walking Dead survivors swallow it down like the harsh reality they’ve recently been handed. Sometimes they chase it with a swig of Moonshine. Other times they simply take it to the head. Those who lose hope in their futures seem to lose hope in their diets, gobbling down whatever they can scavenge and forcing it through their pipes along with their pride. Those with the heart to fight for what they believe in are therefore sometimes left with an empty plate.

Be that as it may, here are the most disgusting things eaten on The Walking Dead so far. Vote up the things you'd rather turn into a walker than eat.

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Pigs That Have Been Fed Walkers
Pigs That Have Been Fed Walker... is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The 14 Most Digusting Things Survivors Have Eaten on The Walking Dead
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In a vengeful twist of fate, newly introduced character Ezekiel is caught delivering a shipment of pigs (presumably for consumption) to the notorious Negan in the Season 7 episode "The Well." This pork is of a rather deadly variety, though, as it is later revealed that these pigs have been surviving by feeding on the carcasses of walkers.

More tainted meat emerges on the plates of Rick's sworn enemies and it's every bit as disgusting and deceptive as it sounds. 

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Prison Inmates
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At the beginning of Season 3, while the gang is clearing the prison, Rick, Daryl, and T-dog confront a clan of surviving inmates and question them very briefly. The inmates recollect a time when the outbreak first occurred and the prison was “like Attica on speed.” They blatantly state that some of the inmates went all-out cannibal.

This conversation, while brief, does a great job of foreshadowing the savage events to come. Another noteworthy detail is the fact that neither Rick nor Daryl nor T-Dog reacts with even so much as a gasp of fear or a bat of the eye at the thought of prison inmates tearing each other limb from limb and becoming each other's breakfasts.

Is this a sign that they’re coming to grips with their harsh reality or is this the beginning of Ricks subtle slip into insanity?


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Joe’s Throat
Joe’s Throat is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list The 14 Most Digusting Things Survivors Have Eaten on The Walking Dead
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Cannibalism is an unavoidable theme when dealing with a scenario like The Walking Dead where people have already moved down the food chain. What’s the next step after being food for walkers? Being food for each other, no doubt.

The thing that makes this dinner different from other horrifying cannibalistic acts we’ve seen in the series is the fact that it’s not intentional cannibalism. It’s survival at its absolute worst. In Season 4’s biting finale, we find out just what Rick Grimes is capable of when you threaten to rape and/or assault his family. Here, Rick does the unthinkable by sinking his teeth, Dracula-style, into captor Joe’s throat, effectively ripping the life right out of his jugular. This is the utter definition of gruesome grub.

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Wild Dogs
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We witness the real shortage, and subsequent desperation, for food in the Season 5 episode "Them." Lack of any kind of water (zombie-infested well water included) has the gang so dehydrated that tempers grow short and it almost looks as if the crew could become its own worst enemy.

Fortunately for the survivors, relief comes in the form of raindrops that fall into their open mouths when a storm breaks. As for food, with no apparent squirrels available, the group must choke down wild dog in order to calm their stomach rumblings.

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