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The 14 Most Digusting Things Survivors Have Eaten on The Walking Dead 

Cynthia Griffith
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The dead aren’t the only ones who have to eat in a zombie apocalypse and brains certainly aren’t the only disgusting entrees on the menu. You might not have initially noticed all of the gross things the survivors ate on The Walking Dead in the beginning, but as food became scarcer, the desperation of the living became that much more apparent. As the series progresses, you can tell a whole lot about a survivor by what is (and sometimes isn’t) on their plate.

Here we see how the meal, the way it’s procured, the way it’s prepared and even the dish it's in makes a major statement in a survival situation. Some of these meals were even more symbolic than they first appeared; some of them were even more disgusting once revisited. In the Walking Dead universe, a plate can literally make, break, or take your humanity, yet even the least vicious characters have gulped down entrees that look like they were delivered straight from a Fear Factor competition.

Walking Dead food ranges from rodent to rabid to human. It’s sometimes even infested with who knows what kind of creatures. It’s often eaten raw. Walking Dead survivors swallow it down like the harsh reality they’ve recently been handed. Sometimes they chase it with a swig of Moonshine. Other times they simply take it to the head. Those who lose hope in their futures seem to lose hope in their diets, gobbling down whatever they can scavenge and forcing it through their pipes along with their pride. Those with the heart to fight for what they believe in are therefore sometimes left with an empty plate.

Be that as it may, here are the most disgusting things eaten on The Walking Dead so far. Vote up the things you'd rather turn into a walker than eat.

Their Own Children
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In Season 4, it’s pretty clear that going to Terminus is a bad idea. Any place that claims to be a sanctuary in a zombie apocalypse is more than likely the opposite of that. So when the residents of the self-proclaimed “sanctuary for all” turn out to be cannibals in the Season 5 premiere, it’s not entirely surprising.

However, listening to the heartbreaking backstory of the colony is guaranteed to give any head a spin. The occupants of Terminus eventually admit that they became cannibals first by eating their own children. All that they had left of their young was a wall they drew up to remember them by. Of all the villains introduced on The Walking Dead, nobody, not even the governor, deserved to die more than this corrupt, baby-eating crew. Ew. Just ew. How did they stomach such a despicable act?

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At the end of their short-lived people-hunting careers in the Season 5 episode "Tainted Meat," the people of Terminus - Gareth, Mary, Alex, and their minions - make a terrible mistake when they slow-roast Bob, a fallen member of Rick Grimes’s army. What they don’t realize is that Bob has been bitten by a walker and is already in the process of turning when they sink their teeth into his flesh.

This horrid act does a great job of showcasing just how disgusting, twisted, and confusing the world is now becoming. Dinner can only get worse from here, no doubt.

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Walker Well Water
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On Hershel’s farm in Season 2, Glen, Maggie, and the gang went through quite an ordeal when the most disgusting zombie in the history of The Walking Dead showed up in their well all puffy, bloated, and mutated. While Maggie mentions the fact that they have more than one well on the property, she speaks of the walker well as being perfectly fine to drink from, which leads us to believe that the farmer and his daughters were probably drinking from it for awhile before they made their ghastly discovery.

This incident really brings into question the rest of the world's water supply. Also, since eating the dead turns you into a walker, does drinking the walkers have the same effect? This nauseating liquid could be the very reason that everyone’s already infected with the virus. After all, what type of a filter is required to eliminate the walkers from the water supply?

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A Raw Turtle
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The Walking Dead certainly livened up when, in the Season 6 episode "JSS," the directors decided to let 16-year-old actress Katelyn Nacon, who portrays young, lonely Enid on the show, violently rip a raw turtle out of its shell, eat it, and then smear its blood all over her face. Not only was this meal disgusting, but it did an amazing job of showing how savage the post-apocalyptic youth can really be.

Afterward, Enid used the turtle's bloody bones to carve out the letters "JSS," which we later learned stands for “Just Survive Somehow.” Swallowing the truth is tough.

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