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The Grossest Things Ever Found in Fast Food Meals

Updated June 14, 2019 2.2m views39 items

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Remember when you were growing up and the older neighborhood kids would regale you with urban legends about all the hideous things that have snuck their way into unsuspecting foods over the years? We wish we were here to prove them wrong. We truly do. After a thorough investigation into such matters however, we can assure you that the validity behind such tales is not quite as bad as you’d think - it’s worse. That’s why we’d like to take a moment to assure you that there’s still time to save yourself if you’d prefer not to see all these gross things found in fast food.
If however, you’re prepared to discover the horrible truth behind the history of some of your favorite fast food joints, we invite you to proceed. Here we’ve collected a disgusting overview of some of the most disturbing stowaways ever discovered inside your favorite tasty treats. From the four legged to the furry, from the dismembered to the disgusting, prepare your gag reflexes for the worst. These disgusting things found in food run the gamut from human body parts to creepy crawly creatures. However, they're all plain nasty.
Rest assured that some of what you’ll see here was clearly the result of an accident on someone’s part - a really huge, horrible accident - but an honest mistake none the less. Among the less fortunate displays however, you’ll find photos of senseless pranksters in the act that may or may not shred your last bit of faith in humanity.
On the upside however, if you’re looking for a killer diet plan, the nasty things found in food here are sure to do the trick. Just pull up this list every time you feel a fast food craving creeping up and you’ll be thin as a rail in no time.
  • The Syringe in the Sandwhich

    In 2001, a Queens, NY woman was enjoying a quick breakfast sandwich from her local Burger King. Moments later she was horrified to be poked in the cheek by what was discovered to be a syringe that somehow ended up in the sandwich.

    Now, we've heard of accidents but something tells us there's a bad Lifetime movie in the lead up to this one. 

    Source: Times Ledger

  • Booger in the Box

    In 1990, a Jack in the Box employee in Phoenix, AZ was arrested after being caught using the buns of a few hamburgers as a Kleenex. Authorities suspect it may have been no accident that the burgers were about to be served to a couple of cops.  

    Source: The Frisky
  • This Pepsi Surprise

    A couple in Ormond Beach, FL got an unpleasant surprise when they cracked open a refreshing Pespi one day, only to be greeted with what initially appeared to be a mouse tail. Upon further examination however, the caffeine contaminating stowaway turned out to be a frog.

    Source: CNN
  • The Band-Aid in the Pizza

    Our heart truly goes out to this Ballston Lake, NY man who had the ill fortune of discovering a bloody Band-Aid stuck to the bottom of his Pizza Hut... after biting into it.

    Source: Huffington Post