Photos Of Things People Found In Meat That You Should Not Google

We rely on other people to handle and cook our food - and to do so without adding anything unsavory to the mix. This is our culinary social contract. And yet, there's seemingly no end to reports of people finding gross things in their food. These stories are often written off as tall tales passed along to elicit a reaction. However, not all of these tales are easy to dismiss. Some patrons have photo evidence - sometimes real, sometimes fabricated, always disgusting.

Of all the disturbing things one can come across on the internet, a gross photo of meat just might be the worst. It betrays our trust in those preparing our food - whether they're working for popular fast food chains or higher-end restaurants - and undermines the rigors of proper food safety. For anyone who enjoys chicken, beef, or fish, it can be stomach-churning to see what might be lurking within their food.

So please, don't Google these stories without an iron stomach or a willingness to switch to a plant-based diet.

  • A Woman Found Genitals In Her Food

    A woman in Ghana decided to stop by a local restaurant to pick up a traditional dish called tuo zaafi in late 2016. The woman made it through most of her meal before finding a large phallic-shaped piece of meat on her plate. She contacted police, but initial tests were unable to identify the potential donor.

    Why shouldn't you Google this? The images are graphic and look exactly as one would imagine, making them extremely NSFW. You can see the images here.

  • A Man Found A Rat's Head In His Burger

    In late 2015, a man ordered a burger at a McDonald's just north of Mexico City. After biting into the patty, he tasted something strange and off-putting. Upon further inspection, the customer removed a rat's head from his burger. He allegedly requested money in exchange for keeping the images off social media, but workers declined. He subsequently released the photos - they're easily accessible to anyone curious to see them - and authorities closed the location.

    McDonald's later concluded the rat's head was not cooked with the burger meat, but was actually added by an employee after the fact.

    Why shouldn't you Google this? The rat's head is graphically disgusting, especially when shown beside a torn-apart hamburger patty. Pictures can be found here.

  • A Man Found A Condom On His Burger

    All Van Miguel Hartless wanted was a Whopper. However, his late-2007 trip to Burger King gave him a lot more than he bargained for. Instead of being welcomed by the taste of pickles, onions, sauces, and a juicy hamburger patty, the Vermont college student bit into something rubbery and strange. What he found was an unwrapped condom in his sandwich.

    Hartless sued Burger King and they countersued, claiming there was no proof the condom was placed on the burger by their staff. The case settled out of court in 2010, with both sides dropping their suits and paying their own lawyer costs.

    Why shouldn't you Google this? The prophylactic is fully visible in the photos, which is upsetting to say the least. The unappetizing evidence is here.

  • A Woman Found A Rat In Her Chicken

    In the summer of 2016, Sherry Luke visited her local Popeyes in Houma, LA, and ordered a meal with fried chicken breast. While eating her chicken, she uncovered what appeared to be a rat fried into the meat. The manager offered to refund Luke's money if she returned the offending food to the restaurant that night, but she declined. Instead, she posted images to social media and prompted the restaurant to check with its suppliers. The company determined the "rat" was probably a piece of organ meat that slipped through processing.

    Why shouldn't you Google this? It definitely looks like a piece of rat hidden inside a half-eaten chicken. Multiple images can be found here.