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Though you may miss the days when cereal used to come with a cool toy in the bottom, this list will quite possibly cure you of any desire to ever find anything but food in your groceries ever again. That’s right; we’ve concocted a list of disturbingly gross things found in packaged food that will leave you thanking your lucky stars every time you find your food free of unwelcome and nasty guests! We warn you, this list is not for the weak of heart and may have you double checking your items next time you head up to the check-out at your local grocery store.

If however, you are among the steely hearted few who are still here, don't mind seeing mice and bugs found in food, and are ready to uncover the worst the grocery industry has to offer, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve put together a collection of things that folks have found staring back at them from their packaged foods that will make your skin crawl. They range from the once living to the recently hatched to the just plain dangerous. We’ve got frozen frogs that’ll greet you from a pile of peas and a story that’ll make you cringe every time you hear the phrase “sweet tooth” from now until forever.

If you remain insistent however, scroll down and find your reward in the form of the creepiest, crawliest, grossest things found in packaged foods ever! You’ll find the tales of some of the world’s least fortunate grocery shoppers, some of whom discovered the foreign objects in their food before including them in that fateful bite and others who weren't so lucky. These packaged food horror stories will have you reaching only for the freshest ingredients next time you're at the store.
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The Snake In The Can

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In July 2017, a man named Rodrigo Franco decided it would be a super fun idea to put some king cobras into knock-off chip containers. The snakes were shipped from Hong Kong to Franco's Monterey Park, CA, home, but didn't quite make it there when it was intercepted by the US Government. And - in what surprises no one - government officials found his whole house was crawling with illegal, exotic animals. Some of which actually lived in his childrens' rooms. 

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The Little Guy in the Loaf

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In 2009, a man in Kidlington, Oxfordshire got an alarming surprise when he went to make his kids a sandwich from a loaf of bread he'd purchased from Premiere Foods. To his horror, this mouse was baked into the edge of the loaf.

We know, our Mickey-loving inner child just died a little too...

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Maggots in the Milk Chocolate

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In 2009, a gentleman was enjoying a box of Alpen Gold chocolates, only to find himself sharing the treats with a maggot who had made one of the candies its home. Well, at least he hadn't gifted the chocolates to a girl he liked...

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The Tiki Bar Toad Incident

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Back in 2009, a Florida couple was enjoying a relaxing afternoon around their backyard Tiki bar, when suddenly the husband began gagging in response to a big gulp of Diet Pepsi. His wife called the FDA to report a foreign, heavy substance inside the can, which turned out to be a toad.

Source: CNN
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