weird 10 Oddly Satisfying But Disgusting YouTube Videos  

Rina Yun
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"I'm in the weird part of YouTube again." This list will expose you to some of the most disgusting, but strangely satisfying, videos that YouTube has to offer. If you've ever been on a YouTube video watching binge you know what it's like.

It all starts out so innocent. You're just watching a couple clips from celebrity interviews, maybe some bloopers from one of your favorite TV shows, or a cooking tutorial, perhaps. Then you take a wrong turn and a couple more suggested videos later, you're watching the grossest videos on the Internet. You know, those icky Youtube videos that make you want to throw your computer in a vat of disinfectant. And yet, they're still somehow oddly satisfying. Don't ask us why, but sometimes the most cathartic way to spend an afternoon is watching the most vile videos you can find.

No matter how much these gross videos make you cringe, you just can't seem to look away. It might make your hair stand on end, but watching someone finally pry that hardened pimple out of their pore gives such strange relief. Why is it so satisfying and what am I doing with my life? 

This list of gross, disgusting, squirmy, nasty videos is not for the faint of heart.
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I'm Pretty Sure This Zit Has Fossilized by Now

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You Know It's Serious When They Have to Go Outside

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How Does It Even Get This Bad?

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A Trypophobe's Nightmare

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