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15 Bizarre, Slightly Unsettling Animal Eating Habits

Humans can often be found eating some really disgusting things, but some of our non-Homo sapien cousins take gross to a new extreme. There are many weird ways animals consume their food, but also unusual ways they catch their prey and what exactly their menu includes. Some even have really terrifying animal mouths. There are blood-guzzling birds and parasites that eat eyes; sea creatures which possess fists of fury and birds that eat other birds' vomit. And don't forget the handful of insects that drink tears.

Clearly, weird and repulsive eating habits abound in the animal kingdom and the gross animal eating habits you'll find in this list make these creatures seem, well, like animals. In fact, you may never look at your food the same way again. So, how do animals eat and why are their feeding habits sometimes insanely gross? Wonder no more.