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Jacob Shelton
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At some point in the 20th century it became very important to hold a world record. Whether it was for something interesting, like running fast, eating the most pizza (what a dream!), or for something totally gross it didn’t matter. Just as long as a world record was set. This list of the nastiest of these records is here, tallying up all the gross things that people have done to get their names in the history books (specifically that one with "Guinness" on the cover). Whether these world record holders let a bunch of slimy snails perch on their faces, or sat in a bathtub full of maggots, the people list of the most disgusting world records ever will forever be remembered as mavericks and international heroes.

The gross world records on this list aren’t just people eating bugs or letting bugs sit on them, there are also some pretty foul records about what people will let happen to their body. For instance, have you ever been interested in whether or not your eyes can shoot milk? Probably not, but that’s why you don’t have any world records hanging on your wall. As Steve Guttenberg once said, “no risk, no reward." The folks on this list have taken huge risks in the name of bringing home that much desire world record, and we salute them. Grab a barf bag, cue up some inspirational music, and check out this list of the most disgusting world records.

Vote up the grossest world record, out of those collected here , and if you’ve been trying to break one of these disgusting feats – tell everyone about it in the comments.

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The Most Disgusting World Records Ever