The Most Gruesome Close-Ups On 'Ren & Stimpy'

Ren and Stimpy is a heavy favorite for most disgusting cartoon ever, and nothing is grosser than the detailed close-ups on the Nickelodeon show.  Fair warning that what you're about to see cannot be unseen. Seriously, this is not a joke. Below is a collection of completely gross close-ups from Ren and Stimpy.

Now you're probably asking yourself why anybody would take the time to collect these gruesome shots, and that's a totally valid question. Every gross Ren & Stimpy close-up image you make it through is a sign of your dedication to revolting and weird animation. Vote up the gruesome Ren and Stimpy close-ups that you can't believe made it on the air.

Photo: Nickelodeon

  • 1. Say Cheese!

    Say Cheese!
    Photo: Nickelodeon
    216 votes
  • 2. A Bug's Life

    A Bug's Life
    Photo: Nickelodeon
    196 votes
  • 3. Tongue Depressor

    Tongue Depressor
    Photo: Nickelodeon
    193 votes
  • 4. Grit your Teeth

    Grit your Teeth
    Photo: Nickelodeon
    192 votes
  • 5. Gumming up the Works

    Gumming up the Works
    Photo: Nickelodeon
    159 votes
  • 6. From Tip to Toe

    From Tip to Toe
    Photo: Nickelodeon
    184 votes