gross You Probably Won't Make Through All Of The Grossest Sounding Words  

Mick Jacobs

One of the few arguments in favor of censorship is the aural censoring of truly terrible-sounding words. In the video below, the grossest sounding words, as chosen by you, the Ranker audience, get their time to shine.

The words included here sound exactly the way you expect them to do: like a nails-on-chalkboard cover of a Creed song. For those who find themselves triggered by noises or sounds, this video may prove difficult for you to get through. 

After all these are words that force your mouth into weird shapes and strange slurping sounds that no one wants to hear. Just because some foods happen to "congeal" and "ooze'"doesn't mean you need to talk about it.

Watch the video below to learn the words that, like "Voldemort," must never be said aloud. If you do, you might find yourself getting "discharged" from your friend group, which is exactly as gross as it sounds.