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The Best Group Costume Ideas

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Everything is better with friends and that goes for Halloween costumes too! Group Halloween costumes give you and your pals an extra level of fun for the 2021 holiday season and gets rid of that "what am I going to wear?" worry. Some of the best group costumes are as easy as coordinated colors and the right kind of hat, while others take a little more artistic skill. Either way, group Halloween ideas can make the holiday seem as fun as it was when you were trick-or-treating age.

From Pixar and Disney to Rick and Morty, you and your friends' favorite shows and movies are full of idea opportunities! Whether you want to terrify your neighborhood by going out as Purge participants or are content to hang out at home by the fence in your King Of The Hill gear, there's a group costume that matches your group's energy. There are even plenty of work-appropriate group costumes so you can have fun without scaring clients and customers.

Are you planning a group costume for Halloween 2021? Take a look at this list for more fun group Halloween costume ideas.

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    The Knights of Ni

    Although a Monty Python and the Holy Grail costumes take a little more work that's basically just coordinated outfits, Monty Python fans are nothing if not dedicated. And Reddit user /u/Eldrake shows how great going as Knights Who Say "Ni!" is - as long as nobody encounters the Rabbit of Caerbannog.

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    Will Ferrell Characters

    As an actor, Will Ferrell contains multitudes and that means all of his characters, both from SNL and his films, making for a fantastic group costume. Reddit user /u/aubra_cadabra's group covers some top favorites from Ferrell.


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    Super Mario Kart Racers

    One of the best games to play with friends also makes one of the best group costumes to wear with friends. Hopefully, none of Reddit user /u/Highanxietymind's pals had bananas in their inventory.

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    King Of The Hill Cast

    Reddit user /u/MistahPandah shows how even simple group costumes can be as perfect as something complicated. Dale, Boomhauer, Bill, and Hank are easily evoked with just the right combo of shirts and jeans - as long as you're always holding a can of something, anyway.

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