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10 Hilarious Group Text Disasters

Ah, the group text! Ever since their conception, people have been on the fence about whether or not group texts are a convenient conversational tool or the worst things in the entire world. On the bright side, group texts obviously allow users to send invites, updates, and important news to their entire squads all at once. But as with all electronic communication, it doesn't always go according to plan. The following collection of hysterical group text fails proves there's a dark side to group texting - beyond just getting one million annoying updates.

Here you'll find some of the most embarrassing, disastrous, and all around funny group texts ever accidentally sent out. You’ll watch in horror as you see dirty messages to friends accidentally intercepted by church groups. You’ll laugh along with women who realize the creepy guy texting them sent out the same message to a multitude of other women via group chat.

Most of all, however, you’ll thank God you’re not the poor sap responsible for any of these epic group text disasters. Vote up the most unfortunate accidental group texts of all time, and be happy they didn't happen to you.
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    When Your Group Chat Turns Into An Accidental Dating Site

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    When You Accidentally Text The Wrong Group

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    Tell Us How You Really Feel

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    Most Unfortunate Boss-Inclusive Group Text Ever

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