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Just 26 Reminders That Growing Up Sucks

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No matter how much elders try and convince kids growing up sucks, when you're younger, you never listen. Then you grow up and spend the rest of your life trying to convince kids they don't want to grow up too soon. It's a vicious cycle.

If you're still young, and aren't all grown up yet, there's still a chance for you. These are all the reminders you'll ever need that growing up sucks. Sure, ordering takeout at 1:00 am to your own place feels pretty cool, but not when you wake up and it's settled in your large intestine and you just spent your power bill on pepperoni pizza. As difficult as growing up may be, describing it comes naturally, because it's all one big struggle. The reminders here make it no less real, but they do try to make it bearable.

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    Rude Awakening

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    Big Mac Mistakes

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    Wise Words From Admiral Ackbar

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    Presents Of Mind

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