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Delivering For Grubhub? Here Are Some Tips From Other Drivers That Will Step Up Your Delivering Game

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This past year, Grubhub has become a leader among today’s food delivery services. The independent drivers from the food-delivery app are sharing their tips and tricks on how to nail the job and make the most out of it. Read through and start making some extra cash this summer!

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    Keep An Eye On The Details

    From Redditor /u/0hBother

    I keep my eye out for two different types of orders 720's & 1030s. 720's are orders that pay $7 or more and I can get done in 20 minutes or less. 1030's are orders that pay $10 or more and I can get done in 30 minutes or less. If they don't fit into one of these two categories typically I'll pass.

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    Mileage Matters

    From Redditor /u/MicUK88

    If the order is worth $12 and I think I can get it done in 36 min or less, it's worth doing. If it’s higher than 36 min, reject it. There are some other things you can do like add 5-10min for restaurants like 5 guys or Taco Bell. Add 5 min for apartment addresses or hotels etc.

    The only exception to this rule is milage. Depending on your region type if the order value is less than $1 to 1 mile, it might not be worth it. Depends on your car and region. A lot of drivers on here say they go for $2 to the mile, but I don’t see how that's feasible in any region other than city centers.

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    Don’t Be Picky

    From Redditor /u/roygbivA2

    Don’t be picky with your orders at first.

    Accept everything for a couple of weeks and the access if Grubhub alone is profitable (some markets it’s great alone and some it needs help).

    If the pay ain’t worth it, add other apps and get picky on the orders you take.

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    Make Your Schedule Work

    From Redditor /u/brandonbass

    It’s good to plan your schedule. I'm freer recently so I have been aiming for 90 trips in 5 weekdays incentive. Definitely try to hit the incentives if possible for more bang for your buck. Managing to do it on a single-speed bicycle thus far. I try to spread the workload over 5 days (18 trips per day avg.) to give my body and mind more time to recover. Yeah, sometimes the mind gets tired before the body does. Sometimes if the dispatch flow is good, I'd do more runs and exceed my target for the day. But sometimes if they send me back to near my house which is low on grab merchant, Ill just call it a day before I hit my target to keep my cancellation rate low.

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