10 Famous Rock Bands That Were Struck By Horrifying & Violent Tragedies

Sometimes being in a band isn't all it's cracked up to be. Just ask these bands, all of which suffered terrible fates. All of these outfits have gruesome histories that go far beyond breaking a leg onstage. Murder, overdoses, suicides, motorcycle crashes, and more pretty bad things have added to, or tainted, these famous bands's legacies.

While it's easy to assume a band like Slipknot has a f*cked up past, The Band, the Allman Brothers, and even the Beach Boys have checkered pasts. More than a few members of these groups have experienced pretty gnarly things, be they self-inflicted or thanks to the tragic indifference of existence.

Get ready for tales of knife fights, personal demons, and vehicular mayhem staring your favorite (or maybe least favorite) rockers of all time.