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The 12 Bloodiest, Most Gruesome Things Carnage Has Ever Done

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Spider-Man has perhaps one of the most memorable Rogue Galleries out of any superhero, and one of his absolute worst enemies is the serial killer-turned-serial killer with a symbiote suit known as Cletus Kasady, AKA Carnage. The deranged psychopath once shared a cell with Eddie Brock, AKA Venom; when Eddie's symbiote suit came to the rescue, a part of it merged with Kasady, turning him into the even more dangerous Carnage.

Finding gory Carnage comic book moments is easy because almost every single one of his appearances begins or ends with a massacre. But what are the most violent Carnage comic book scenes? The ones that are capable of making you squirm with how disgusting or twisted they are? Below is a list of violent Carnage comics that prove just how dastardly and dangerous this villain truly is.

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    Carnage Thinks About Nothing But Gruesome Homicide All Day, Every Day

    We've been to some scary places in the Marvel Comic Universe, but none are as truly gruesome than the inner workings of Cletus Kasady's mind. Calling the man a deranged psychopath sounds like a massive understatement. In Carnage: Mind Bomb, a doctor gets Cletus to open up, but the results are predictably horrible. In one section, he talks about how much he enjoys slaying people and how he knows over 9 million ways to end someone's life.

    At night, he likes to think up new ways to do so, getting especially excited over the thought of his parents being pushed into a garbage disposal and becoming nothing but bones and guts.

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    He Killed His Grandmother By Pushing Her Down The Stairs

    In Venom: Carnage Unleashed, Carnage kidnaps his psychiatrist after he breaks out of jail, and continues to talk to her about his past. One of the stories he tells is that of his very first kill when he was just 6 years old. Carnage recounts how his grandma was this fat old lady who smelled bad and how he wanted to end her just because he could. He lured her to the stairs by breaking her precious collection of fragile dolls over the steps; when she got close, Cletus pushed her.

    He then explains how he enjoyed hearing her neck snap like a twig; the only thing he was sad about was that he had to wait five hours for his mom to come back so he could eat dinner. Not exactly the healthiest grandmother/grandson relationship.

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    Carnage Mutilates And Decapitates Different Versions Of Spider-Man In His Mind

    In Carnage: It's a Wonderful Life, Dr. Kafka and Security Chief Jameson are transported inside the mind of Carnage after Carnage infects them both with his symbiote. As you can probably guess, it's not a place filled with rainbows and butterflies. One of the first things the pair sees is a room filled with tortured Spider-Men.

    They then see a Spider-Man swing in front of them, before he gets horribly decapitated by Carnage. It's brutal and gory and exactly what you would expect from the inner workings of Carnage's mind. 

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    Carnage Goes On A Homicidal Rampage To Attract Spider-Man And Venom

    You just can't help some people, and Carnage is the prime example of that. Every single time a doctor tries to break through to understand what makes Carnage tick in order to eventually cure him, it backfires spectacularly. This is most evident in Maximum Carnage, where, once again, Carnage finds himself free and looking for more people to eliminate. As one doctor begs for her life, she tells Carnage that she can help him and eventually cure him.

    Carnage responds by saying that just to prove her wrong, he is going to wipe out every single person at that mental institution. He proceeds to do so in particularly harsh fashion, hoping his pals Spider-Man and Venom will show up to fight him.

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