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Dark Details About Carnage's Alter Ego Cletus Kasady That All Venom Fans Need To Know

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In the spandex world of superheroes, good and bad are not so black and white. Many so-called villains can have a soft spot (such as Loki or Ghost) while some heroes have a dark side (like Venom, Punisher, or Cable). There's plenty of gray area in which both can thrive - unless it's Cletus Cortland Kasady. Then there is no white, no gray. Just black, like his heart and soul. 

Perhaps one of the most evil characters to ever grace comic book pages, Cletus and his alter ego Carnage live to inflict pain and death to anyone in their path. And he does it with a smile. 

But even before the evil symbiont became one with his deranged host, Cletus was already an established villain who took to violence like a fish to water. Take a look back at all the darkest and most gruesome moments of his life, everything that made him a perfect host for Carnage and the main antagonist of Venom 2: There Will Be Carnage. Vote up the darkest details.

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    He Pushed His Crush In Front Of A Bus After She Rejected Him

    As a child, Cletus developed a crush on a teenage girl named Alice. Despite their age difference, he decided to be honest with her and admitted his feelings of love. She laughed at the young orphan, and in his rage, he pushed her in front of a bus. 

    He said about the murder, "That one good thing to perfect the pointlessness of the universe."

    Cletus also referred to the moment when all of his innocence was lost.

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    He Murdered Staff Members At The St. Estes Home For Boys And Burned Down The Orphanage

    After abuse at the hands of the staff and the other orphans who lived at the St. Estes Home for Boys, Cletus sought his revenge. First, he killed the school's disciplinarian administrator, then burned the orphanage to the ground with everyone still inside. 

    According to his personal philosophy, he saw the bloodshed as a gift, giving his victims "ultimate freedom."

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    Cletus Was Born In An Asylum And Claimed To Have Died As A Newborn Before Being 'Reborn'

    Born in the psychiatric prison at Ravencroft Institute to a paranoid schizophrenic, Cletus got off to a rough start when the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, killing the babe only 19 minutes after he was born. According to Cletus, he remembers it... vividly. 

    That was just the start of his twisted tale, as baby Cletus escaped both hell and death with the (possible) help of the evil deity Knull, creator of the symbiotes. This second chance helped Cletus become who he is and gave him a lifelong fascination with crime, chaos, and killing.

    (It should be noted that as an unreliable narrator, Cletus is known for twisting the truth to tell a better story, so it is questionable if Knull actually resurrected him.)

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    He Killed His 'Grandmother' When He Was A Small Child

    After his birth, Cletus was sent to live with an older adult woman who may or may not have been his biological grandmother. While the details of their relationship are a bit hazy, her abuse of the young boy was not. The woman did not believe in sparing Cletus the rod, and at the age of 6, the boy exacted his revenge

    After he shattered her beloved collection of Hummel figurines, Cletus placed the remnants on the stairs. As the woman ran to her collection, the young boy pushed her down the steps, and she died in the fall. 


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