Dark Details About Carnage's Alter Ego Cletus Kasady That All Venom Fans Need To Know

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In the spandex world of superheroes, good and bad are not so black and white. Many so-called villains can have a soft spot (such as Loki or Ghost) while some heroes have a dark side (like Venom, Punisher, or Cable). There's plenty of gray area in which both can thrive - unless it's Cletus Cortland Kasady. Then there is no white, no gray. Just black, like his heart and soul. 

Perhaps one of the most evil characters to ever grace comic book pages, Cletus and his alter ego Carnage live to inflict pain and death to anyone in their path. And he does it with a smile. 

But even before the evil symbiont became one with his deranged host, Cletus was already an established villain who took to violence like a fish to water. Take a look back at all the darkest and most gruesome moments of his life, everything that made him a perfect host for Carnage and the main antagonist of Venom 2: There Will Be Carnage. Vote up the darkest details.