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The Most Gruesome Deaths That Have Happened In Animated Kids Films

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Death is a normal part of life that's important for kids to learn about eventually, so it's no surprise it would appear so often in family films. But what's shocking is how intense or over the top it can sometimes be. Of course, being so young, we often don't realize how gruesome the ends in kid movies really are until we get older and see them with a more experienced perspective, so here are some of the worst. Do they hit harder in retrospect? Did they always traumatize you? Either way, let us know by voting up the most gruesome ones!

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    Ray, 'The Princess and the Frog'

    The Princess and the Frog was one of the final nails in the coffin for Disney's hand-drawn animated films, which is a shame both for the art form and for the fact that it's a solid film with incredibly likable characters. The firefly Ray is one of them. After illuminating the night alongside our heroes for much of their journey, his ends beneath the foot of Facilier. We even hear the sound of his exoskeleton cracking beneath the weight of the shadowman. 

    His end is tragic, but at least he gets to join the love of his life, the star Evangeline, up in the heavens.

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    Bambi's Mother, 'Bambi'

    Although it appears off-screen, hearing the gunshot ring out across the meadow, signaling the loss of Bambi's mother, probably hits harder than a lot of the more bloody ends on this list. But this isn't gruesome just because it essentially orphans Bambi (his father isn't around a lot), it's gruesome because of the probable aftermath. Bambi's mom was taken by a hunter, which means she has a few options for her ultimate fate: skinned for her pelt, chopped up and sold or eaten for her meat, or taxidermied as a trophy head to hang unblinkingly in the hunter's home forevermore.

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    Clayton, 'Tarzan'

    We see Clayton's untimely end coming from a mile away, as he angrily hacks at vines against Tarzan's desperate warnings until he cuts the very one that was keeping him aloft. He plunges down to the jungle floor, and we perhaps expect a cutaway and implied perishing-by-fall. But then the vine around his neck tightens with a snap. 

    A moment later and the shadow of his dangling feet appear illuminated by lightning against a backdrop of pouring rain, and it's horror movie levels of disturbing. They never show the actual body, but somehow, this feels even more explicit.

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    Coral (And Many Baby Fish), 'Finding Nemo'

    In some ways, this is just nature taking its course. Fish gotta swim, barracudas gotta eat. But it's the fact that the film sets us up with this happy set of expecting parents, and makes us care for them before the tragedy strikes. Then not only does the mother get eaten, but so do almost all her children - likely hundreds of eggs. It's a double whammy for Marlin to lose everything like that. Even Nemo is injured in the scene. But, luckily, they do still have each other.