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The Most Gruesome Deaths That Have Happened In Animated Kids Films

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Vote up the most over-the-top ends that make big impressions on kids seeing them for the first time.

Death is a normal part of life that's important for kids to learn about eventually, so it's no surprise it would appear so often in family films. But what's shocking is how intense or over the top it can sometimes be. Of course, being so young, we often don't realize how gruesome the ends in kid movies really are until we get older and see them with a more experienced perspective, so here are some of the worst. Do they hit harder in retrospect? Did they always traumatize you? Either way, let us know by voting up the most gruesome ones!

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    Toon Shoe, 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'

    The horrific "Dip" engineered by Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit is the only thing capable of ending the lives of otherwise invulnerable toons. The first look we get at it comes in the form of the torment of a totally innocent and helpless cartoon shoe. He can't even scream for help since his mouth is the first thing to start melting. It's unwarranted and awful, but it really helps you understand just how evil the antagonist really is, and probably gave a few kids nightmares in the process.

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    Tarzan's Parents (And A Baby Gorilla), 'Tarzan'

    Kids and parents alike might have to do a double-take at this scene. At first it appears we're only seeing the mess left behind after a strike on Tarzan's parents' treehouse by Sabor, the evil leopard. There are feathers scattered about, bloody pawprints on the floor, a pile of clothes in the corner... wait... those clothes are on a pair of cadavers! A mess isn't all Sabor left behind afterward. This tells us it wasn't just a matter of hungry animals looking for lunch. This was pure malice. And it's not just Tarzan's parents that suffer this fate. His adoptive mother, Kala, loses her first child to a similarly terrible end.

  • Being based on a Shakespearean play, of course The Lion King was going to have more than one untimely end. It's strange to actually hope that Mufasa's fall was high enough and damaging enough that it's ultimately what took him, because the alternative is that he lived through that much only to be trampled beneath the hooves of a thousand heavy animals, battering him to the bitter end. The grimmest part is when his child cuddles his cadaver.

  • There's a lot of unfortunate ends in this film, and even our main character dies not once, but twice! But the reason this is the worst is because it happens so early on in the film, and since it is the main character, it's a pretty jarring turn of events. When Charlie B. Barkin is struck by a car as a result of his nemesis Carface's scheming, he isn't just hit. We see the car careen off the road and into a lake, but the dog's body doesn't seem to fly in with it. Which only means one thing: He's still lying there, totally flattened across ground, possibly with a tire print in his back.