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The Most Gruesome Deaths in Quentin Tarantino Movies

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Quentin Tarantino doesn’t make movies with pat happy endings. The writer/director’s movies are about revenge, crime, robberies gone wrong, atonement, and characters that are neither good nor bad, but exist in a shady area of gray that makes everyone around them feel just a bit uncomfortable. Yes, Tarantino’s films are unapologetically violent and gory, sometimes to the point where you’ll want or need to turn your head away. These are the most violent scenes in Tarantino movies.

The auteur’s use of blending violence with humor is a trademark in all of his films. He told CBS News in 2009, “I specialize in making you laugh at things that aren't normally funny. John Travolta turns to the guy in the backseat of the car and accidentally blows his head off. And that is a funny sight gag."

The total list of deaths in Quentin Tarantino movies is hard to track. In 2013, Vanity Fair attempted to work out the body count of the eight films that Tarantino had directed to date. They estimated that 560 people meet their doom on-screen. That number of course has a giant asterisk next to it. Who knows how many people actually perished in the theater fire in Inglorious Basterds, the number who fell during the shootout in Django Unchained, or how many ninjas The Bride really offed in Kill Bill

One thing is for certain, death in Quentin Tarantino movies is inevitable. It even comes to your favorite characters. No one is safe from the bloodbath. What are the most violent scenes in Tarantino movies? That’s for you to decide. Vote up what you think are the most gory and disturbing scenes of the director's canon.

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    "Kill Me Kate."

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    Film: From Dusk Till Dawn

    From Dusk Till Dawn
    was directed by Robert Rodriguez from a screenplay written by Tarantino. In a vampire film filled with gruesome death scenes, perhaps the most disturbing is when Kate has to shoot her own brother, because he is being gnawed on by a swarm of vampires.
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    Driverside-Only Death Proof

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    Film: Death Proof

    Stuntman Mike only seems like a handsome, charming man. He's really a psychotic killer. He informs his female passenger Pam that his car is death proof, but tells her later that the car is only death proof for the driver. Stuntman Mike then slams on the breaks, and Pam suffers a deadly blow to her head on the dashboard.
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    Django Gets His Revenge

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    Film: Django Unchained

    Here's another Tarantino massacre scene. The former slave Django fulfills his desire for revenge. Audiences are treated to the sounds of bullets ripping through flesh and men crying in pain. Imagine getting shot in the kneecap, it's not pleasant, but Tarantino is willing to go there, and take the audience with him.
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    If the Shoe Fits...

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    Film: Inglorious Basterds

    This is one of the most tension-filled scenes in Tarantino's filmography. Bridget loses her shoe at the Tavern, and Nazi leader Colonel Landa knows that if the shoe fits, Bridget is his enemy. Of course, it fits like a glove, and Landa strangles Bridget to death with his bare hands. We should be used to watching the guys and gals we are rooting for meet their early demise in a Tarantino film, but it never gets any easier; Bridget's death certainly proves that.
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