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The Most Brutal Things the Punisher Has Ever Done

The Punisher made his Netflix debut in Season 2 of Daredevil and shocked audiences with a number of violent acts. But long-time fans of Frank Castle know that the violence in Punisher comics makes the Netflix stuff look like family-friendly entertainment. The things Jon Bernthal did as Frank Castle on Daredevil can't hold a candle to the craziest Punisher issues - no, not even that prison scene.

The skull-emblazoned vigilante has been gunning down villains in the pages of Marvel comics since 1974, fueled by the deaths of his family at the hands of mobsters. His subsequent one-man war on crime has been nothing if not efficient. A few years back, a Marvel editor estimated that the Punisher had killed 48,502 people, and he’s only added to his totals since then - once even eliminating the entire Marvel universe. So there's a lot to choose from when putting together a list of the craziest and most brutal things Frank Castle has ever done. From inventive slayings of bad guys to confrontations with superheroes (and some visits to alternate dimensions), this is the most punishing punishments the Punisher ever punished.

  • Punting a Lady with No Arms or Legs into a House Fire

    Photo: Marvel Comics

    This is Ma Gnucci, a horrific crime boss and the same lady who the Punisher tried to feed to polar bears. She ended up without any arms or legs, but still remained dedicated to seeking revenge against the Punisher. You’ve got to give Ma props for effort, but it’s probably not a good idea to try to step to a man for whom vengeance is a profession. The Punisher proves this by literally punting Ma Gnucci into a house fire in The Punisher vol. 5, #12, managing to combine flippant disrespect with ridiculous violence. It also provides us with one of those brilliant comic book pages that looks unbelievable without context.

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  • Slaughtering the Leader of a Sex Slave Ring

    Photo: Marvel Comics

    Frank Castle hates all criminals, but he especially hates those that target children. When he uncovers a ring of sex slavers in The Punisher MAX #30, the Punisher decides that it’s time to send a message to other slavers and to indulge his creative side while he’s at it. He proceeds to systematically dismantle the entire operation, dishing out disembowelments and burnings along the way. He takes things all the way to the top, where he confronts the female ringleader in her penthouse office. He murders her with her own bulletproof glass, hurling her against the windows over and over again, which is probably the Punisher’s idea of irony. 

  • Shooting Wolverine in the Face, Then the Nads, Then Running Him Over with a Steamroller

    Photo: Marvel Comics

    In terms of sheer brutality, nothing beats the Punisher’s confrontation with Wolverine in The Punisher vol. 5, #17. The two have gone toe-to-toe on multiple occasions, but one specific battle saw the Punisher really cut loose. Maybe he saw Wolverine’s healing factor as an opportunity to really treat himself to some artistically-creative violence. Castle first blasted Wolverine’s face off with a shotgun and then used the same gun to shoot Wolverine in the crotch. Apparently, this wasn’t enough, so he finished it off by running the X-Men’s most popular member over with a steamroller. This is a man who puts a lot of thought into hurting people.

  • Feeding a Man to a Great White Shark

    Photo: Marvel Comics

    Frank Castle knows no mercy. In The Punisher MAX #36, we encounter a guy who was already plainly having a bad day. He was floating around in shark-infested waters with a severed leg. He was probably savoring his last moments before being inevitably devoured, and the Punisher couldn’t even let him have that. Instead, he threw him directly into a shark’s mouth, ensuring he spent his final seconds in a state of confused terror.