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12 Gruesome Items Used In Occult And Black Magic Rituals

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Black magic: the words alone conjure up images of voodoo priests and priestesses, witches, horror movies, and all sorts of weird, creepy things associated with unusual ceremonies. The occult is very real, however, and many of the items used in its various ceremonies and practices are quite creepy indeed. Some of these gruesome occult objects are nightmare-inducing, while others are just plain strange - even weirder, though, are the everyday items with secret black-magic uses.

Read on to learn about all the ways in which the items listed are used in occult rituals - past and present.

  • Dove's Blood

    Photo: ClownBog / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    The dove is seen as a sacred bird representing peace, love, and unity - which is also why its blood is such a powerful object for practitioners of black magic. By distilling the very life force of these creatures and using it as an ink to write down spells, the black magic becomes more likely to work.

    Dove's blood most often appears in gris-gris bags, on paper, and even in voodoo dolls. It is particularly useful in love spells.

  • Binding Tablet

    Photo: Filos96 /Public domain / Wikimedia Commons

    Binding tablets date back to the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans - and they are still in use today. The tablets are typically made of lead, inscribed with a curse or related verse of black magic, and are then consecrated and dropped into a body of water.

    This last part involving the water (or some other entryway into the Underworld) is essential in order to ensure that the tablet gets into the hands of an underwater deity (or even the Devil himself) so that the curse written upon it can be activated.

  • Voodoo Dolls

    Photo: Malcolm Lidbury /CC BY-SA 3.0 / Wikimedia Commons

    Voodoo dolls are so commonplace in horror movies that it's easy to forget just how creepy they are once someone's spirit has been instilled in them. A voodoo doll is made to represent a particular person, essentially in effigy, and using it can manipulate that person in ways that cause them to get sick or hurt. It can also give that person bad luck, make them fall in love, or do any number of different things.

    Some of them will also contain items such as hair or fingernails from the person whose spirit they represent, making them even more powerful.

  • Human Hair

    Photo: zabethanne / Flickr

    Human hair, whether it is from the head of a living person or a deceased one, has many magical uses. When taken from a living person and placed in a voodoo doll, it can be used to control that person's actions. The hair can also be used in traditional love spells.

    On the other hand, when hair is mixed with substances like sulfur and is buried in a certain place, such as the corner of a yard, it can be used to harm the person or family living there.